A guide to game #3


It should be an interesting night in Ralph Wilson Stadium as the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans match up in a preseason game.  The weather was a factor last week because of high winds and this week it will be heat and humidity that greets the teams and fans alike.  As far as preseason games go the third game is the most important.  The starters are expected to play into the third quarter which doesn’t give the backups too much time to shine.  Here is a guide as to what you should watch for tonight.

The first thing I will be watching tonight is the play of the Quarterbacks.  The play of Losman, Nall and Edwards will be an area of specific interest.  I hope to not see Nall or Edwards in the regular season but everyone knows that the Quarterback position is the most important.  In two games we have seen Losman struggle considerably with his consistency.  He doesn’t appear to be comfortable in the pocket and seems to rush his throws.  I’d like to see a little but of improvement and more consistency out of him.  I just want to see Nall play tonight.  There wasn’t an opportunity to see Nall last week and he played sparingly in week one.  Edwards has performed admirably in his two appearances, I’m impressed to say the least.  I want to see him continue to play well and improve on a weekly basis.  The preseason is an opportunity for him to shine because I don’t anticipate him seeing any playing time in the regular season.

Like many other people I will be watching Marshawn Lynch and his progression in this offense.  I won’t be watching how many yards he gains as much as I will be watching how he is used in the passing game and how he picks up blitzes.  I think if Lynch can prove his worth in those two areas I would anticipate him getting much more playing time than veteran Anthony Lynch.

Finally I want to watch the defense.  There isn’t one specific player I will be watching but rather the entire unit.  I want to see the unit gel into some semblance of a defense.  In two games the results have not been very good with both the Saints and Falcons piling up a bunch of yardage against the number one unit.  I want to see this unit force a couple of punts and maybe even a three-and-out, alright maybe I’m asking for too much.  I will also be interested in seeing if Al wallace plays and whether or not he contributes in any way.