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The Bills Should Be All In On Eric Ebron

Sep 7, 2013; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels tight end Eric Ebron (85) dives into the endzone over Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders corner back Jared Singletary (24) on a 2-point conversion attempt at Kenan Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

When the Bills step up to the podium this year to make their first selection of the draft they will have the chance to get an elite player. I know people will say an offensive lineman will be the way to go but what a waste in my opinion. That could be addressed in free agency or later in the draft but what this team needs is a player that could make a difference on the offensive side to produce points and also to give EJ Manuel another option. If he is still available and I say he is the Bills should take Eric Ebron.

Coming out of North Carolina he will surely be a force with any team that takes him. His 6’4” 245lbs frame will make him a definite threat for any opposing defense. The questions this team will have about who’s the number one receiver and will TJ Graham even make the roster could all be put on hold if this guy was to step in and help everyone around him. Don’t get me wrong those areas will need to be addressed but having a guy come in to possibly reunite everyone could have people talking about the present and hopeful success rather than people yelling for players departures. I just can’t remember a player coming onto this team’s offense recently that had people excited about how they could help contribute? I know people will say CJ Spiller but when we got him we were told basically he was only drafted because he was the best player on the board. Here’s a look at Eric’s stats.

Strengths: Good vision, hands, easy acceleration to beat the defender, dangerous after the catch, physical and still coming into his own with skill

Weaknesses: Still developing, is in need of a coaching staff to show how to use his size to his advantage, could work on route running and blocking to refine his skills

So when we look at the teams that have been successful most have an established tight end in their arsenal. It’s not always the case but the Bills have a chance to get a good a one and let’s hope they don’t go in a different direction. Agree or are you set on going after a different position?

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  • chas territo

    John, From the beginning of the post season I’ve been saying get him at #9! Posted this many times at various sport sites. So far all the arguments against have not changed my mind on Ebron. I have asked fans if you disagree comment back and prove why he isn’t worthy or what have you and nobody has been able to change my mind. The closest is grabbing one of the top 3 Tackles coming oiut, but I think tackle can be and will be added from the FA pool or later in the draft. One other thing he adds is in the 2 TE set(s). The variety of those plays could be one damn good option with him and Chandler, 2 tall TE’s!! GO BILLS!!

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  • Tim Vanderklok

    It would be a great pick at 9 and a great security blanket for E.J this year. Unfortunately for Manuel, its a make or break season for him and Ebron would probably be his leading receiver this season! As a true forever bills fan………I would love this pick

  • NWBill

    Make or break for EJ? Where do you get that from? The guy had an abbreviated rookie season, didn’t have a QB coach, was injured more than once – and now all of a sudden it’s “make or break” with him? Wow, SOMEONE’S impatient! Look, the kid should not be judged in any way, form, or fashion until we’ve seen a FULL year from him, with a FULL coaching staff, and with him given every opportunity. Can you honestly say that’s been the case since he’s been drafted?

    As far as choosing a still-developing TE with the first pick, I think it makes more sense to either go with the best WR available, or draft a guard or tackle that has a chance of making an immediate impact on the team. Since this seems to be a draft that is a little heavy on all of those positions, I say let’s start there, and THEN come back and look at a position like TE in the later rounds.

    Being impatient, and not thinking things through for the future isn’t going to help this team; being smart about needs and talent is.

  • Tim Vanderklok

    Hey man, don’t get me wrong, I like EJ and feel he could be our franchise guy. Yes he had an injury filled season and its surely hard to analyze his play this past season. I’m just saying its been 14 yes since playoffs and if EJ is really unproductive (which I don’t think he will be especially with a TE like Ebron), or if he can’t stay healthy, I don’t think the Bills will have any choice but to move on. Im a believer in EJ and think that Ebron would really help in the play action game (which EJ was pretty successful with) . I also would not be disappointed if they took a WR with #1 pick but feel the depth this year is pretty deep at WR.

  • chas territo

    Like I’ve said Ebron at #9, then in later rounds, 3-4 go ahead and grab a WR, but not before then. It would be more like adding another QB un necessary. GO BILLS!!

  • chas territo

    Being smart for me is drafting Ebron at #9! I have stated why many, many, many times and am tired of doing that. All of our needs can and will be filled by season’ start. Good to great draft prospects and few good FA’s out there that can come in and help us. To me this is the way we should go. But will we? I can’t answer that as well as you can’t either. However our team is a good franchise and it is so much fun posting and posting with our personal thoughts and ideas whether or not if they are correct or truthfully going to comt to fruition. Loving our Bills is a year long thing and we need to be patient and understand how a player develops. This way when the unknowing comment we can defend our crap honestly and fairly, after all we are adults. GO BILLS!!

  • Alex

    Being smart is not reaching quite a bit for a prospect at nine it’s choosing the best player available who fits our scheme and there are a lot of players who do that. Ebron is an iffy one he doesn’t block well and with a team that’s run game is the optimum mode of attack that doesn’t bode well. If we were to run two TE sets then it’ll just say we’re passing because Ebrons a liability in the run game.

  • chas territo

    He blocks well enough for the NFL and for me too. He is rated #1 at TE by a number of sports venues, so, he is not a reach, he is a grab and hold! As far as your 2 TE set comment…we can run or pass with each, just disguise it as good teams do. So far you have NOT changed my mind on Ebron, like so many others have tried. No one has come up with good enough reasons why he should not be drafted. Yours are what you feel, good for you, but you still did nothing to change my mind. I may be wrong,but I seriously doubt it. Come back with a better comment if you like or have one, I welcome debate about this. I’m ready always to be schooled, but be a teacher not an opinionator. GO BILLS!!

  • NWBill

    So true. The Bills have been drafting iffy TE’s for years, now – all of them not NFL-ready (or else we wouldn’t be having this discussion) for one reason or another. Ebron has talent, sure – but Buffalo needs productivity NOW in order to continue building on the great foundation they’ve started this past season. You know which teams keep drafting prospects? Those that have winning records and make it to the playoffs on a consistent basis (see New England). Buffalo’s not there yet – the players that get drafted here have to be good enough to make a difference SOONER rather than LATER (see Marquise Goodwin). This guy, as good as he has the POTENTIAL to be, still has holes in his game. Marrone, if he were still a college coach, would take this guy in a second and spend time developing him; that’s what good coaching staffs do in COLLEGE. But he’s a PRO coach now, working in the NFL – which means if you make it that far, you better be able to step on that field and produce. Look at the Seahawks, and what they did this year – TONS of young, PRODUCTIVE talent ….and see what happened with them! Buffalo is a top-flight WR, a guard + tackle, and a linebacker away from being a 10-win team, I believe. We don’t have the time to spend two years teaching Ebron how to play in the NFL.

  • NWBill

    If you’re ready to be “schooled,” then you’d be open-minded enough to listen to what others are saying here, instead of “you haven’t changed my mind….”

    We’re not here to change YOUR mind; we’re here to offer our opinions. You may be right; or we may ….time will tell. But you sound like someone who thinks he’s right NOW, and everyone else is wrong NOW.

    Be careful of that.

  • chas territo

    Wow? That was not my point to be obstinate. All I said was about me and my opinion. This is a forum for discussion. Do you know that ALL discussions are spoken with truth delivered with words and because of that not many really can speak correctly or can’t understand what actually was said versus what one hears? You took me incorrectly. I have no say nor want to say you ‘must think like me’. I sometimes don’t explain simply enough for some listeners. That is my problem, when?? I speak loudly because I believe what I’m saying…AND that doesn’t mean I am right or wrong. When I feel anything strongly enough I defend my words or actions, no matter what is real or misunderstood. This reply is based upon who I am, a man who faces his responsibilities. If I am ever wrong, disrespectful and all the other bad things are done, I stand up and apologize ask for forgiveness of the party. So, you have me, be as honest without anything that can be misconstrued to be offensive if you reply. Again Bill, you misunderstood me. GO BILLS!!

  • http://batman-news.com the muscle

    Go with OT Robinson or Matthews, Wr Watkins CB Roby or Bama’s LB in the 1st. I’m really interested to see Iowa’s TE Fiedorowicz at the combine, He’s 6’7 265lbs and runs a 4.7 40. Real good block, real good pass catcher. Had 5td on 23 grabs, so every 5th catch was a td and averaged 10yds a catch. He reminds me of a poor mans gronk, The fan base would fall in love with him the way they did with kiko. take him in the 3rd round and get your big red zone target that can run seem routes for 15 yds and run over some db’s in the process. i’d even use a 2nd rounder on this guy.