Nov 10, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel (3) and Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone (right) watch a scoreboard replay against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the fourth quarter at Heinz Field. The Pittsburgh Steelers won 23-10. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Resurrection of The Buffalo Bills

Well, it’s safe to say the Buffalo Bills season has come to an end. This year was about as entertaining and suspenseful as listening to Chris Collinsworth talk about Tom Brady during a Bills game on national television. I for one am thankful that I do not have to watch the highlights of Bills games anymore, as I find more entertainment scratching myself in the morning while recovering from a hangover. But enough about me, as there is much more at stake than a losing record.

Chaos brings order, it’s just how our universe works. The same theory can be applied to the Buffalo Bills; although their season was complete crap, our weaknesses as an organization have been exposed into the spotlight and now we must exterminate the infestation of disease from the root if we want to make the playoffs before the next millennium.

This article will be an introduction to the path of enlightenment the Bills must follow in order to become a respected and winning franchise. The first step?

Invest in EJ Manuel.

Whether or not he is the future of the Buffalo Bills franchise, we have spent too much time, money, and effort in helping the rookie quarterback find his bearings in the NFL. Luckily for us, we can work on the issues that hinder his performance as a quarterback as well as work on the things that cause sophomore slumps: technique, footwork, game management, and ego are small factors that combined with a poor performance can turn a first round draft pick into Vince Young.

The relationship between Buffalo and their quarterbacks has been similar to that of Jesus and the ancient Romans; we worship them and place the pressure of the world on their shoulders. When they cannot come through, we hang them on a cross and execute them, believing that they are the fault for our troubles. Which, sometimes is the case.

However, Manuel is not the issue with the offense and I believe consistent NFL experience and an expanding knowledge of the offense will help Buffalo in the long run. The key is continuing to build Manuel’s confidence; give him weapons and teach him to play like an NFL quarterback, not a college quarterback who answers to his coaches like a son does to his father after breaking his mother’s vase. Manuel is the foundation of this Buffalo Bills team and he must be treated as such. Every great franchise quarterback has the backing of his franchise and this is the first step to becoming a strong organization. Invest in your quarterback.

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  • chas territo

    WOW Fu**ing, WOW!! You should be ashamed of yourself and your article. Why the hate? The Bills ARE on the upswing! They have a new management team, young players. They have an inexperienced OC who is more predictable than rain falling and being wet! Our D is better and much improved from years past! They had many injuries, some season lost, cohesion has not had a good chance to be completed, but they are better and still getting better than before! Life with the Bills is interesting an what people say makes no difference to my love and loyalty to these Buffalo Bills!! It pisses me to no end when people, YOU, degrade, insult or just plain bitch about my Bills, then I want to strike out at them, but as a Man in the true sense of the word, I will not!! GO MY BILLS!!

  • Paul Henry

    We are 3-7 with no shot of making the playoffs… I agree that the coaching and new blood are positives, but this IS a lost season. Our D is not that much better (Pittsburgh ran all over us). Injuries are not an excuse (Chicago has had as many significant injuries as we have had, but has a better record). Zack is not insulting the Bills… he is telling the truth.

    Plus, what possible excuse do we have to be blown out by the Steelers?

  • Zachary Alexander

    Chas, I take your Bulls**t comments on most of my articles, but usually your comments dont make enough sense for me to even care about what you’re ranting about. The Bills may be getting better, BUT this season is done. Even if the Bills were to win out the rest of the season, they are not a 9-7 team and do not deserve to be given such a title at this point in the season. The defense could ONLY improve because they were dead F***ING LAST. The playcalling is inconsistent with the talent on the field; some games it is genius and then some games we have more penalty yards than rushing yards. But that is beyond the point.

    The point of this article is that the Bills can make offseason moves that will develop a winning franchise, thus the title. What pisses me off is bills fans like you, whose “faith” in the Bills leads you to abandon reason and fact. You criticize those of us who are the true fans, those who analyze the moves, playcalling, everything. I have more of an understanding of this organization than you do, let alone football itself. So feel free to respond to my articles and do your typical, disrespectful ranting because that is all you do. You rant about an article, claiming that I, a Buffalo Bills blogger, am showing disrespect for the Bills this season, when I am dutifully abandoning dead weight like a real man and working to figure out what Buffalo can do in the offseason to make the playoffs. Come on son, get on my level and grow the f*** up.

  • NWBill

    The only thing I agree with you about in your article is the fact that the Bills need more weapons – specifically, a first-tier, AJ Green-type wide receiver who DEMANDS attention every time he steps on the field. In other words, we need another Eric Moulds, another Andre Reed …..someone who catches the ball, does it in traffic, holds on, GETS YARDS, and is a real threat to get to the house each and every time. Until we do, Buffalo will be easy to stop, and easy to beat by the rest of the league; no matter how much better our defense has gotten (and is getting).

    EJ will be all right; the talent is obviously there, and the willingness to learn is right there, too. What he needs is a consistent OL (got that) a receiving core he can rest on (need that), an offensive playbook that works from his strengths (already have that). Most of all – he needs TIME. He’s lost half this season to one injury or another ….he hasn’t had the time to gel with his team the way he should have. Always remember – Tom Brady was a 6th round pick, OK? We have, for the first time in years, a front office and coaching staff that can WIN; what we need right now is keep the evolution and maturation of the defense going ….and get more weapons around EJ so that he can WIN! This team is a draft, and some luck, away from doing some very special things. We need to be patient.

    The rest of the article was crap, by the way.

  • Zachary Alexander

    SO you disagree with investing in EJ Manuel? Or that our 3-7 season was crap?

    I mean the playcalling was obviously good last game. We lost to a steelers team who was 2-6…

  • Zachary Alexander

    Or that we don’t crucify our quarterbacks like Fitzpatrick, JP Losman, Drew Bledsoe, Trent Edwards, Kelly Holcomb, Rob Johnson?

  • Brent Boylin

    I do not think this season is a complete loss yet. It may be a loss in terms of W-L record. However, there is still a lot we can learn about EJ Manuel as our QB over the next 6 games.(Can he put together a complete game, does he bounce back, can he play in cold weather). One could say the EJs worst games this year were against the Steelers and the Jets.Keep in mind the Defenses of Rex Ryan and Dick Lebeau who are two of the best in the business.These two are know for historically terrorizing Rookie QBs, With that said it would be interesting to see of EJ can progress and trust his progressions more. He seems to have a tendency to throw to his first read and if its not open then he checks down. This could be attributed to lackluster O-line play or lack of experience at WR. EJ is def. not a lost cause but he needs some help.

    Buffalo needs better D play. We are in the bottom 5 of the league as far as PTs allowed. Some can be attributed to injury’s. However, all teams have injuries and that shouldn’t be an excuse. Another weakness is a bonafide #2. I think Robert Woods can be this player and just needs experience. Marquiss Goodwinn should be above TJ Graham on the depth chart as he is more reliable than Graham when healthy.

    This year is supposed to be about development. Depending on scheme we are starting 4 draft picks (Manuel, Woods, Alonzo, and Robey). We shouldn’t be expected to be world beaters yet. But you can see the nucleus taking shapre for a bring future.

  • davidmuscalo

    Unfortunately, the Bills are in the same place they were at the end of last season; they need a quarterback and they need a marquee receiver to complement Stevie.

    I don’t want to hear that Manuel is the quarterback they need, and not because he needs to work on his footwork – he is injury prone. He had two knee (one in preseason) injuries before the season was half over. When will the next injury come? Only the Shadow knows, but he may not even finish the season. The good quarterbacks find a way to stay healthy.

  • Zachary Alexander

    Agreed. Graham should be gone completely, Marquise Goodwin is much better and has shown more progress in one season than Graham has in two years

  • Zachary Alexander

    He actually does need to work on his footwork. But he has to be the guy because we drafted him in the first round. Too draft another quarterback earlier would be devastating but there is always the rare gem in the late rounds (obviously Brady). But this season I don’t see the playcalling I would like to see, especially with Manuel under center. It almost seems as if Thad had a better grasp on the offense than EJ…even Tuel made passes downfield. EJ hesitates to throw down field, almost as if he is afraid…

  • chas territo

    Injury prone? 2 injured knees in his whole career, high school to the pro’s, that’s what you call injury prone. Let’s do the math…Say 3 year HS ball, 4 years college ball and 6 months Pro ball. So 7 years of football and only 2 injuries, hmm, I don’t know, that does not equal injury prone! If you think it does, I bet your mommy still blows on your boo boo, singing and puts a band aid on you booboo, don’t she?? lmao. GO BILLS!!

  • NWBill

    Why would I say “EJ will be all right” if I disagreed with investing in him? You should really learn how to read what someone’s written, and use critical thinking skills to understand clearly what people are writing – without putting your own preconceptions into the mix!

    Of course a 3-7 season is crap ….but, geeze! New GM, new coaching staff, new offense AND defense, new QB – what did you expect, really? Considering all of the injuries (and Buffalo is near the top of the league in players/time lost to injury this season), I think 3-7 is what anyone would reasonably expect; given where this team is at right now! The Bills are closer and closer to turning the corner – BUT, I’ll say it again – they are at least one more good draft away. Period.

    Is that simple enough to understand?

  • NWBill

    Bad teams with horrible offensive lines crucify their QBs – the Bills are an up-and-coming team with a better-than-most offensive line at this stage of the game. Assuming they keep the core together, and upgrade the offense in the holes everyone knows they have (WR), this team WILL succeed! They have not given up a lot of sacks this year (and didn’t give up that many LAST year, either!). There ARE building blocks in place ….but this takes TIME! And a PLAN! NOW, Buffalo has the latter; what they need is a little more of the former to get where they need to be.

    One more good draft, heavy on the BEST WR available, should do it.

  • chas territo

    I don’t give a shit what you think of me or my posts! Who the fuck are you to disrespect my free speech? I write as I feel not as you would like me to! I think on my own and will not be herded like a sheep.This is an open forum where people go to, yes, rant and rave. I, do so accordingly. you or I don’t have to agree, but if I do disagree, where is your fairness when I disagree? You say I’m disrespectful, you are wrong, I say what you don’t like and you try a feeble attempt to discredit my opinion! Fine, like I said “I DON “T GIVE A ETC!” I will continue to post my opinion, you will not censor me, ever! Let’s not reduce yourself to petty name calling. I am an adult who happens to be a man!! I will be back always defending my words and honor!! GO BILLS!!

  • Zachary Alexander

    Let me get this straight…

    I write an article saying the Bills should invest in EJ Manuel. You write ” The only thing I agree with is the Bills need “more weapons”. Then you agree the Bills should invest in Manuel.

    I say that EJ will get better with more NFL experience and that he is not the issue for our offensive woes. You said “you’re article is crap” but you think EJ needs TIME…and that the only thing you agree with is that the bills need more weapons.

    I say the season is over and now you agree? Yet you said in the previous post that the only thing you agree with is that we need more weapons…

    To me it seems like you agree with my crappy article more than you think big guy ;)

    Please, break it down more simply so I can understand your logic.

  • Zachary Alexander

    I agree. A big corner to compliment Gilmore would be nice too…
    I have supported the offensive line in the past few years, I think Buddy Nix did a tremendous job with Glenn so I have faith they will continue to perform well. I think it would be wise to look into adding another Running back to the mix if his talent is worth the pick, Fred Jackson is close to the retirement age…

  • NWBill

    “Whether or not he is the future of the Buffalo Bills franchise, we have
    spent too much time, money, and effort in helping the rookie quarterback
    find his bearings in the NFL.”

    That doesn’t sound like, “let’s stick with this kid, and support his huge potential talent” – it sounds more like “well, we drafted him, so I guess we’ll go ahead and give him sore MORE time – even though we really wanted him to break out of his shell, and appear as RGIII/Russell Wilson 2.0″ to me!

    Anyone with half a football brain can see this guy needs more time; TOM BRADY needed time to develop into the QB he is today. You DO remember that example I gave, right? Until EJ has a FULL season under his belt with this team, any evaluation is premature at best – and unfair to him.

    I never agreed with you that the “season is now over.” As far as I know, there are still 6 more games to play. Buffalo might well win ALL of them, given their easy schedule for the rest of the year. You never know; that’s why football is so exciting! Ever hear the phrase, “any given Sunday?” Realistically, though, I predict a 6-10 year for the Bills; again, given their talent and all of the changes they’ve gone through …. 6-10 would be a decent season. Not the best, no – but decent. At least they’re not Tampa Bay.
    I don’t know about YOU, but a season isn’t over for any team I support until they reach the END, and there are no more games to play.

    Clear enough now?

    I agree with very little you’ve said, because you didn’t write a logical, well-thought out, well-written article. If you had, I may well have agreed with more you had to say – but, we’ll never know, because it was hard to read in the first place. The part about needing more weapons was actually the best part of your article – and since I agreed with it, I said so. Doesn’t mean I have to automatically go along with everything else ….no matter what you intended to say, or how you said it.

    Got it …..”big guy”?

  • Zachary Alexander

    Chas, you don’t disagree with anything. You ridicule and threaten with swearing and rude langauge. Its disrespectful the way you write post after post, to people like me who spend time and effort on their writing. I don’t care if you disagree, that is your right to do so. But you question my loyalty as a Bills fan when I write for the f***ing team blog? You say you want to strike out at me? What the hell is wrong with you? You say I try to discredit your opinion? That isn’t possible because it is your own to mold and speak out on, I can’t discredit you. I hope you disagree with everything I write because I want more discussion. But don’t f***ing threaten me over the internet over a Buffalo Bills blog…What kind of man does that?

  • NWBill

    Cordy’s going to be a VERY, VERY GOOD player in another year or so. As far as another big, physical corner; well, those don’t grow on trees. You’ll be waiting a long time for another Stephon Gilmore to pop up in Buffalo! We don’t need another BIG corner; we need an exceptional COVER corner – big, small, purple, whatever …doesn’t matter. We need corners who shut people down until the defense can put the QB on the ground. But, hey – you can say that about the other 30-odd teams in the league. EVERYBODY would kill to have two Stephon Gilmores in their backfield; but, some of us live in real life, so ….no; probably not going to happen.

    Behind WR, RB would be a position I’d draft for next year, too – but keep in mind that whenever someone says Fred Jackson is slowing down, he goes out and runs for 120 bloody yards! The guy’s a GLADIATOR – and won’t stop until you stick a sword in him! That’s one reason we love him so much – Fred Jackson IS Buffalo!

  • Zachary Alexander

    Ahh, I understand.

    We misunderstand EJ based off the comment I made. I didn’t intend to infer that EJ should be RGII or Russell Wilson. I was talking about some of the doubts people have of EJ thus far, simply from the fans I have talked to and even a post written for this site titled “Should we be worried about EJ Manuel?”

    I have the utmost faith that EJ will develop into a franchise quarterback with time, I simply meant to address any doubts or fans who think we should rethink our strategy at the quarterback position.

    In regards to the season, obviously it is football so its not like the players are going to roll over and die. However, consider the following facts:

    The Bills at best can be 9-7. They are competing for the wild card spot against 9 other teams, one of which is 8-1 Denver.

    Combine that with their loss to the 2-6 Steelers (now 3-6) and 3 more division games to go, The Bills would have to do a complete 180 degrees to make the playoffs. And beat out the 8 other teams…

  • Zachary Alexander

    Understandably, that’s why I said it would be nice to have one but obviously they are a rare breed. I like Robey as a nickel and I have actually been impressed with McKelvin stepping up this season, he has his rough spots still but he has definitely improved tremendously since last year because teams respect his coverage. I think Freddie still has some in the tank but I want to see him stick around for a few more years so I become worrisome watching him run the ball so much. The last thing I want to see is a sword in his knee for the last time…

  • NWBill

    “I have the utmost faith that EJ will develop into a franchise
    quarterback with time, I simply meant to address any doubts or fans who
    think we should rethink our strategy at the quarterback position.”

    Next time you write an article like this? Start out with exactly that kind of opening statement; define your position, and then discuss other fans’ positions – and why you (or they) are right. THAT’S good writing!

    If they do make the wild card (which I very much doubt will come out of the AFC East, given how well the Jets are playing right now), then it will be a FANTASTIC achievement! But I have to be realistic; it will take a couple of more games for EJ to settle back in; we saw where he is against the Steelers. There’s some rust there. Also, Robert Woods – probably his favorite target – is out another week, most likely. CJ and Fred are still less than 100%. What I’m saying is that there are factors working against the wild card this year. I hope that I’m completely wrong – but I just don’t see it. I think that the theme for the rest of the year should be – continue to develop the defense, and work on finding ways to increase EJ’s confidence. You do those two things ….and there could be 3 or 4 more wins out of it. Doesn’t make me happy – but I can live with it; especially if they draft well next spring.

  • Zachary Alexander

    As long as they have quality victories in which the team and the players actually improve then I am happy regardless of the record. However, I dont want to see Buffalo pull 5 wins out of their ass because that disregards the still relevant issues that the team faces…reminds me of when the Bills beat Tebow. I was happy we won but didnt really see what we gained from it.

  • NWBill

    A win is a win – quality, dark, light, red, whatever ….just ask New England. They’re 7-2, and a couple of those wins have been BAD …but they lead the division, and no one thinks they’re going to roll over. EVER. One thing to keep in mind about Buffalo this year – they have NOT been blown out ONCE! All of their games, except for maybe the last one with Pittsburgh, were close, hard-fought games. No one’s been able to just pile the points on this team this year – and to me, that’s a HUGE difference! In mentality, in toughness, in spirit ….that’s what you can hang your hat on, as a great sign for the future! Other teams realize more and more that this isn’t a team they’re going to walk over – not any more. It started to turn that way last year …and it’s magnified in scope this year. I LOVE IT! If Buffalo wants to be the next Seattle, or New England – that’s what’s got to happen. For that, you need tough guys, guys with heart, guys who put team first. If we had 54 Fred Jacksons, or 54 CJ Spillers, or 54 Kiko Alonzos, we’d be there. But, it’s COMING! Good draft after good draft, there’s a Steeler-like mentaility being built here that’s going to last for a while. We just need to be patient enough to watch it happen.

  • chas territo

    I looked back at my 1st comment and this is a paste of that statement. Tell me where or how I threatened anybody, let alone you. the definition of the words mean , arguing, yelling and so on. Not at anyone thing or person.

    Here is the exact words of the statement brought into the world.::

    “It pisses me to no end when people, YOU, degrade, insult or just plain
    bitch about my Bills, then I want to strike out at them, but as a Man in
    the true sense of the word, I will not!!”

    Where or Who??

    GO BILLS!!

  • chas territo

    What no reply? you see that I did not threaten you or anyone else, but you can’t acknowledge my copy and paste of my exact words. Shame on you> Are you afraid to say I did not threaten you? FEaR is not what I expected in you as a so-called man that you say you are. GO BILLS!!

  • davidmuscalo

    The past is the past, I’m concerned about the present and the future neither of which look good.

  • chas territo

    The past does impact your assessment that he is injury prone. He has 2 injuries this year, correct, but how does that make him injury prone to you? Because to me that does not make him injury prone, more of a bad luck situation than not. GO BILLS!!