Aug 11, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Buffalo Bills wide receiver Marquise Goodwin (88) breaks from the line of scrimmage against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Bills Looked Prepared

With the first game in the books the Bills find themselves 1-0 in the preseason but more importantly have gained that first bit of experience as a team. Getting sick and tired of playing against each other this game play will definitely show them what they need to work on. They were very prepared and that kind of caught me off guard but nonetheless there will be areas that they need to cleanup.

EJ Manuel ended up playing the 1st half and for sure showed signs of what this team needs in a quarterback. There was a couple times where I think he could have aired the ball out but chose to check down and hit the short pass. He showed us with his time on the field that he has the legs to get it done if the pocket collapses or he just wants to run. Manuel finished with a TD pass to Dickerson on a great drive and will be interesting to see how he follows up this outing.

Besides EJ the Bills defense was another must see for fans taking in their first game this season. New linebackers, questions at the corner position, the line play, the safeties minus Byrd and just to see how Pettine had his guys ready. From the beginning I thought they looked pretty good for this game. The D line looked rather good and showed what they could do when they are allowed to give pressure. Kiko also showed he’s as good as talked about. He broke up a sure TD and seemed to be in the right places. All in all the play was pretty good but this film should help this group and they can then build going forward.

Lastly the special teams could really be a special group this year. Goodwin had too very good returns with one going the distance at 107 yards. On the flip side coverage seemed to be ok with them not really giving the Colts any chance seeing their longest return was 28 yards. Hopkins and Lindell were perfect with field goals and the punters both averaged over 41+ yards a kick.

One thing that really got to me though was when Ron Brooks got a penalty for taunting. I mean when I seen that I thought to myself are you kidding me? In a preseason especially there’s no room for that, but also who is Ron Brooks to do that to anyone? He has done zero in my mind and he should really look at that call and at himself. You got burned how many times? If I was Marrone he would have had a seat on the bench for the day. I know he was in on the fumble but forget that play and look at the bigger picture.

So as we wait until game two there is time to work on things that this coaching staff seen and didn’t like. For the first game I definitely liked what I seen and hope this team keeps going in the direction of the new NFL. A fast up tempo game that this team has shown it can play.

So what did everyone think for the first game?

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  • chas territo

    Great game by the Bills! Mistakes were few and WILL be fixed. Brooks made a rookie mistake and it will be addressed by Marrone, you can bet on that! GO BILLS!!

  • John

    Yea I was pretty happy with the outcome. The Brooks flag was terrible and should have never happened. That other CB position is going to be rough.

  • Tyler Cary

    This is a headline that I a, not used to seeing, as a Miami fan I a, not sure whether or not to be worried. Hope your QB does well. We need some new competition in the AFC East, and the Pats need to fail on a 2007 Super Bowl level for the entire season.

  • chas territo

    Hey Tyler, thanks for the reply and double thanks for being nice and complimentary. As a Fins fan, I, a Bills fan expect nasty crap between us, it’s good to see an opposing fan who is respectful and good. The new Bills regime came in and changed everything that was from before to a new style of mgmt. So many up tempo things. New players of skill and speed.Everything is about fast-paced endeavors. went to a team practice and saw how fast things were done, wow! Amazed, i was! Then the 1st pre-season game against the Colts, not sure how many plays we ran, but it was a lot. Time of possession a the half, Indy had more, but the Bills had more plays. That seems a little off base, don’t it? As far as i can tell, time is more about what you do with it, not how much. The Bills out scored Indy at the half, so, that is why I, now, realize , numbers don’t always tell the whole story. Going back to the Bills 1st Super Bowl, the Giants had more TOP and only won by a few points! WE, now have a TEAM that will surprise the league and will win more games, 10+ wins and the play offs! GO BILLS!!

  • thefootballexpert

    Bills threw everything but the kitchen sink at Colt quarterbacks who haven’t seen those kind of blitzes. Colts came in playing only vanilla plays and were only trying to avoid injuries. The Colts, unlike the Bills, are a playoff team that has nothing to prove in the preseason. They aren’t going to show any of their plays.
    A guy like Brady or any other veteran QB is going to pick up some of those blitzes and burn the defense. Brady at the snap of the ball will recognize the blitz and know exactly who is left uncovered. The Bills won’t know what they have on defense until the regular season begins and offenses prepare a game plan specifically for them. Don’t get excited yet, you haven’t seen the real defense, trust me.

  • John

    Brady this and Brady that. Must be a Pats fan and that’s alright but look at these two teams. One’s trending up and the other is beginning to me to go in the other direction. Lets just see what happens. I don’t think anyone will say this team will be dominating really any team but that the Bills finally are in the right direction and only getting better.

  • Tyler Cary

    I have a few friends that are die hard Bills fans. Out of all of Miami’s rivals in the AFC East I respect the Bills organization the most. You guys tend to do your job quietly and with a fair amount of respect for other teams.i always enjoy watching the games between our two teams, even though it makes me angry to no end when you guys beat us. The Pats have had their 15+ minutes and they are coached by the dark lord himself, while the Jets tend to be the embodiment of everything bad that a person can say about the New Jersey area. I absolutely hate those other two teams with a passion. If I had it my way the division would end Miami, Buffalo, NE, NJ, with the Bills taking a WC spot. If any two teams have earned their day in the sun in our division it would be our two teams. I am predicting that Miami will take the division with an 11-5 record (I am an optimistic fan) and I would be very happy if Buffalo followed up with a 10-6 record, leaving the two sets of classless (and sometimes cheating) jerks at the bottom. While we remain rivals, I will wish good things for the Bills as long as they do not start a decade long dominance of the AFC East. I would almost say go Bills, but I cannot bring myself to do that. I hope that our two teams can continue to quietly go about their business, and eventually go back and forth as the dominant teams in our division. I hope that both of our teams will sweep the Jets/Pats this season and expose them for the jerks that they are. I also hope for a continued friendly rivalry between out teams. The only Bill that I cannot stand is little Stevie Johnson, the only person that I have ever heard of blaming God for dropped passes instead of realizing that he was the only person to blame.

  • chas territo

    Well….good reply, Tyler. WAS very even-handed and mostly good?? Why mostly? The Stevie reference, yes he made that statement and i agree it was in bad taste, hell, it was stupid and disrespectful. However, that was a few years back while he was still immature. Not to apologize for him, but today Stevie is team leader who shows by example how to be a professional. The Bills(Chan) disciplined him by game suspensions, that turned him around. Now he is a man, then he was a boy. LIFE, my man, it sneaks up on everyone as it did him, but he fought himself and won, you know what i mean, right? The Billd vs the Dolphins, woo, can not wait! Of course i have my doubts that a Tanneyhill can beat the Bills in any year, like last year he didn’t beat the Bills, the Bills and their bad,bad defense allowed the fins a win. oh but, what a difference a year makes, that “D” is no more, a new “D” is in town! Beside that, Thill does not look that good to me, so, what the eff, right, we battle and one team wins, neither will be considered better until one team sweeps the season series. GO BILLS!!

  • Tyler Cary

    Tannehill finished his game against the Jags (I know, the Jags) with a 120.13 rating after a slow start. I think he is definitely in possession of the talent to take his play to the next level if we can finish our o-line issues. I will also have to wait and see how we play the Texans on Saturday before I give him much preseason hype. I think we will have a stout secondary if Grimes can truly fill the # 1 CB spot. Looking from more from our LB corp, but Miami will always have a stout line, and hopefully if we have another few FG winning games that Sturgis will fix the issues we had with kicking since Carpenter alone was the reason we went 7-9 instead of 9-7 by shanking two game winning FGs. I also hope that our new WRs, TEs, and our 2nd year RB will prove to be the answers to our other problems. When we played you guys in Buffalo your d-line absolutely abused our team, but we did well in our home ga,e against the Bills. Your d has the chance to be rather good this year, but paper and the preseason don’t necessarily provide any true insight as to how we will play once September rolls around. Our two teams have always played each other rather well even when we have had poor teams. Stevie has definitely grown as a player and a leader, but your RBs are what causes my the most concern, that is an area where Buffalo hasn’t been lacking for quite some time. My most comforting part of this preseason has been watching the Pats/Jets first outings. The Jets did what they do best, and that is lose. The Pats have been receiving a lot of praise fro their first game, but that was against the Eagles, a 4-12 team last year. Brady may have done well, but the Eagles d looked like they belonged on a JR High team, and Vick had over 19 yards per attempt against a Pats d that everyone say will be vastly improved this year, but if that is true then how did Vick just carve their d up? Especially that what was it, a 60 yd td pass to Jackson on their first drive. That makes me feel good with our deep threat Wallace out on the field this year. Miller looks like he could be absolutely explosive as a RB,but he still needs to have a 250+ attempt season first. My early predictions had Miami sweeping the Bills, but now I a, thinking we might go 1-1, but you never know what the regular season will bring. Either way the AFC East has a tough schedule this year. I just moved away from my Bills friends, and now I don’t have my favorite game day buddies. I used to have a Sunday Ticket tv reserved for the Bills for the, every week. I know that Spiller will have a good year, but your rookie QB is bound to have a few growing pains, but the Bills are on their way up.

  • Tyler Cary

    You cannot deny that Tannehill had a decent year for a guy that only started 19 games as a QB in college. If he sucks this year, then Moore is a very capable back up. Tannehill may have a lot of questions, but he is playing smarter, and even Peyton had a four int half against the Falcons last year. Tannehill has a cannon for an arm, and I hope that he uses it a lot more with Wallace around. It is a good thing that he was 7th best under pressure last year if we continue to have o-line problems once the season starts. EJ still has a lot to prove before we can call him good, but I watched the game film and he looked like he has the talent. Too bad for you guys that he doesn’t have the same level of intelligence as Fitzpatrick, that would make him truly dangerous. I think that Tannehill will step up this year while Luck, Wilson, and RGIII will go through a bit of a slump this year. Luck won’t get away with throwing into double/triple coverage quite so much next year. Like I said, I hope our teams will become the dominant force in our division. Fins Up.

  • chas territo

    Wallace is this years version of Johnson, a few years ago. He is a greedy player who RAN to a BIGGER pay check. I didn’t like him as a Steeler, I hope he pans out for you, but keep in mind his maturity level is not top notch, yet?? He also seems more like a stats kind of guy and all about him, not team! Iwish you all the luck in the world with him, I’d like him to be more professional, less ego driven(bad ego).Can he make the change to more mature and about team than he is now??He does have skill(s), but….?I haven’t paid much attention to the Fins, but reading things about them, I do believe they will have a decent to good team, in spite of Wallace and my questions about Tannehill! Good luck and be patient, like my Bills, the Fins will have some trying moments. Good discourse between 2 knowledgeable and respectful opposing fans, like it,NO, love it!! GO BILLS!!