Feb 22, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone speaks at a press conference during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills Chopping Block

With this offseason well under way this team sure has been busy. The new management has definitely shown thus far that they are shaping the team into something of their own. Not many players have been added but the players leaving are sure on the rise.

On the defensive side of the ball three players that come to mind have been given their walking papers. Both Terrence McGee and Nick Barnett once starters for this team, will be looking to catch on with another club to continue their careers. McGee once an electric return guy and also good in coverage was just ravaged by injuries. From a shoulder to a pesky knee injury he could never recover to compete at 100%. Nick Barnett came to the Bills in the 2011 season and played two years with the club. He played in every game while in a Bills uniform but just in one seasons time every stat he could basically get had decreased. Also it was pretty clear that he wasn’t very good in pass coverage. Alone from these two players George Wilson had also been let go. Wilson had played his way up from the practice squad and shown at times he was ready for the NFL. I think he had a 1 to 2 year run at being a better than average defensive back but that was about it. George Wilson signed on with the Titans 11 days after being released.

The offensive side of the ball has the same outcomes but it a different way. As we all know the Bills receiving corps have been nothing to be excited about but now it will be interesting. Both Donald Jones and David Nelson have both been told the Bills will not tender their contracts. Coming off injury seasons I thought maybe one could have been let go but certainly not both. That being the case the Bills receivers as of right now are: Stevie Johnson, TJ Graham, Ruvell Martin, Brad Smith, Kevin Elliot, Marcus Easley and Chris Hogan. That list is nowhere near what is needed to compete in the throwing game. All you basically have is a starter WR in Johnson and a possible slot guy in Graham. The rest are fill ins if you had multiple injuries and just needed to get by. Something has to be in the plans to acquire a big time WR. Also wasn’t there a report of the Bills wanting to move Stevie to the slot? We’ll have to wait and see.

In the end I think the Bills are doing well on getting rid of everything that they think will hold them back. If I were in charge I wouldn’t stop and also show: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Chris Kelsay, Brad Smith and Aaron Williams the door. Also if there was someone in free agency the Bills liked and had to release another player I would have no problem letting Mark Anderson go. Bold moves win championships but in this case I would just like to make the playoffs. What do you think?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mario1216 DaMario Holmes

    I think that if we cut all the players that you suggest witout bringing in like 6 high quality starters between the draft and fa. We would win maybe 3 games. I’m not sure how that puts us on the road to a championship it would actually be a step backwards. Even before your additional cuts we need 2 good reciever (or TJ Graham to magically look like Percy Harvin this season); 2 good linebacker, 2 ol. For depth and a possible replacement for Levitre, a running back to be 3rd string and eventually replace Fred Jackson, a kicker, saftey, a starting corner, and a pass rusher

  • John

    Hey thanks for checking out the article. Would you really like to see fitz, kelsay, smith or williams playing a lot let alone starting? They are terrible and also would develop kids before them. Lastly only said anderson if we could get a high caliber player that required us dishing more money.

  • JayZ

    I wouldn’t mind cutting smith fitz and kelsey, but Im not ready to give up on Williams. I thought he showed potential as a rookie, but like many looked lost under wanstead. That being said I think we can find good defensive depth in FA. A few guys that I think they should look at:
    Dannelle ellerbe ILB
    Larry grant ILB
    Nick Roach OLB
    Rob Jackson OLB/DE
    Tony carter CB
    Lastly I like the offensive depth in the draft. Some guys that stand out to me:

    Corderelle Patterson WR
    Barrett Jones OL
    Christine Michael RB
    Josh Boyce WR

  • John

    I agree on ellerbe very high on him. Bills should also take a look at freeney and see what hes asking for. I think the Bills will go after a big name receiver and another to fill 3rd wr duties. m wallace. s breaston ? corners out there to look at roders cromartie , c williams, q jammer. No matter what must have a solid draft. another lb blackburn from nyg

  • http://www.facebook.com/mario1216 DaMario Holmes

    I just think that there are too many people to replace in one offseason. I think if you make too many more cuts we have to use the dreaded “rebuilding” word. We went into last season expected by many to make the playoffs. Like many fans the Bills need to give me a reason to watch this year and if they plan to tank the season it wb a bad decision. I’m praying that coaching is the difference for quite a few of those players if not we are 3 offseasons away and prob looking for another coaching staff

  • John

    I still think were a season atleast away from obtaining more wins. I’m just sick of the same players that management think will come around and perform better. This draft is key.