Apr 26, 2012; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell introduces cornerback Stephon Gilmore (Buffalo) as the 10th overall pick by the Buffalo Bills in the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: James Lang-US PRESSWIRE

Stephon Gilmore at 10?

If any of you read my top 10 mock draft then you know that I was pretty confident that Barron was going to Tampa Bay and that the Cowboys wanted into the top 10 to get a cornerback. I have to admit that I thought the Stephon Gilmore talk was just hype to drum up interest in the pick. I will explain why.

The fact is folks, Gilmore is the 3rd best talent at corner in this draft. YES, if Janoris Jenkins had no off the field problems then he is easily ahead of Gilmore. They are not even close in terms of talent. The facts are the facts though and Jenkins cannot stay out of trouble. Now here is where it really gets fishy… Gilmore is the 4th best defensive back in this draft. Anyone with a reasonable football IQ knows Mark Barron is the second best DB in this draft. I understand that this draft does not have the high talent in the top of it but the 4th best defensive back at 10? Before you all point to youtube vids to prove that he can play now remember NONE not one of the QB’s in the SEC that he faced will be drafted above the 5th round if at all. If you watch his interceptions they are all on ridiculously thrown balls, they will not WOW you with his ball skills. The team is going to say all the right things as they should, but I will guarantee you that he was not the top talent on their board when they picked. There is considerable difference between him and a couple prospects that were still available.

I can’t question Nix pick though. You do not need Revis and Champ Bailey on the outside in coverage to win. This pick was about one thing. Gilmore is a liability in coverage at this point BUT he will beat the heck out of you inside 5 yards when he presses you. McGee, Florence and Williams are still going to be your top 3 corners after camp (baring no injury) still. In a year or 2 after Gilmore has learned how to stay in the hip pocket of a defender he could become a very good corner and i hope he does.

Another reason i can’t question Nix pick is because he has drafted average corners high before for this same reason. Antoine Cason was a first round pick cause of press skills and another pick Quinton Jammer the same. Jammer is a real nice comparison to Gilmore. It took Jammer a couple years to be solid in coverage but he could press from day 1. I understand some of you will not like this assessment but after training camp you will agree with me when you see Gilmore (the 10th pick in the draft) listed as the 3rd or 4th corner. Need came into play here friends. The Bills do not plan on picking high next year and McGee and Florence are both probably gone after this season. This was about getting the corner and being able to get a year under his belt now about the only position that the Bills can afford to draft a player and and allow him to come along a little slowly. Lets see what the rest of the draft brings!

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  • daxacer

    Mike Mayock and Greg Cosell disagree with you both of them rating Gilmore higher.  Cosell had him as the #1 corner ahead of Jenkins and Claiborne while Mayock had him ahead of Jenkins and Barron on his prospect list.  Mayock and Cosell are both pretty serious football evaluators – maybe you missed something in your assessment of Gilmore… or maybe you’re seeing things Cosell and Mayock aren’t

  • therealjimlowe

    I think training camp will tell. As far as what Cosell, and Mayock think i  have to say while they are talent evaluators they do not work for any teams. Their were rumors of Mayock being sought after by Oakland but they were still rumors. I do not get wrapped up in tv show personality options. Brantley, Lee, and McArron ect. are not exactly high level QB’s this kid was facing. look at his INT’s yourself. He was making simple plays based on terrible throws by below average QB’s. He was barely thrown at because of the offenses he faced due to the passing game being the opposing team’s weakness. He was drafted on measureables and what he could do after being coached up. He was NOT drafted on showing shut down capability which i believe you should have to be a top 10 pick. watch tape of him against Julio Jones, or A.J. Green. he was TORCHED by high competition. you can chalk that up to whatever you want but at the end of the day he is a top 10 pick now. If you watched Nix presser you can tell he was content with the pick but not overjoyed.