4 ripple effects of latest Buffalo Bills rumor involving Jamaal Williams

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Jamaal Williams (Mandatory Credit: Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports) /
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4 ripple effects of the Buffalo Bills signing Jamaal Williams: Block rivals in the AFC

While Jamaal Williams would bring a lot to the Buffalo Bills offense and address a number of needs, there is one final effect of the Bills signing the former Detroit Lions running back. It would also mean that he wouldn’t go to a rival within the conference.

The other two teams that Tyler Dunne mentioned as being ‘very interested’ in Jamaal Williams were the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Jets. The Bengals already are at the top of the AFC and are coming off a season where they beat the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo in the AFC Divisional Round.

As for the New York Jets, they are chasing the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East and this past season split the series with a win at MetLife Stadium before losing to the Buffalo Bills later in the season. The biggest issue for the Jets was at quarterback and they appear poised to address that by trading for Aaron Rodgers.

While the Buffalo Bills should be still considered the favorite in the AFC East, the addition of Aaron Rodgers closes the gap.

The addition of Jamaal Williams would be a perfect fit for the Buffalo Bills and could end up being their best free agent signing if they are able to complete the deal.

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