4 Buffalo Bills who should benefit the most from Ken Dorsey’s offense

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Reggie Gilliam

The final player is Reggie Gilliam, who in his two seasons with Buffalo has never played more than 14% of the offensive snaps in a season. He is a fullback but could find himself a bigger part of the offense under Ken Dorsey.

One of the reasons is what Clark wrote early in his article about what he found when asked people what Ken Dorsey’s offense could look like:

"Because Dorsey has played in or coached so many different schemes and concepts, I asked everyone I could in Buffalo what his unit will look like this season. The answer was that it will look like everything you can do on a football field: as many personnel packages as the roster allows; spread concepts mixed with old-school physical running."

An old-school physical running offense is a perfect example of one that includes a fullback. It is a position that has steadily become less involved in the NFL as the league shifted to being more of a passing league. The idea of old-school physical running is not typically found but can still be effective, like what the Tennessee Titans have done with Derrick Henry.

The other was a quote from Josh Allen:

"“Late in the fourth quarter, you got to be able to run the ball when they know you’re running the ball,”"

This is something that the Buffalo Bills struggled with last year as teams leaned heavily into stopping the pass and didn’t really seem too concerned with the run. That was until late in the year when Devin Singletary emerged as the featured running back and was seeing consistently double-digit carries each game.

It should also not be a surprise that when Singletary was playing his best football, Gilliam was seeing more snaps and had double-digit snaps in the final four games, including both playoff games.

Aside from the blocking, Gilliam can also line up at tight end and occasionally contribute in the passing game. This will only help give Buffalo more versatility and not allow teams to assume when Gilliam is on the field that it is automatically a run play by putting him in pre-snap motion or running play action with Gilliam running into the flat.

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The team recently signed Gilliam to a two-year extension and he will likely have a bigger role moving forward with the Buffalo Bills.