4 Buffalo Bills who should benefit the most from Ken Dorsey’s offense

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James Cook

The offense under Brian Daboll didn’t have much in terms of variation in the formations that they operated out of. In fact, according to Sharp Football, the Bills played 89% of their snaps last season in either 11 (3 WRs), 12 (2 WRs), or 21 (2 WRs).

The question for the Buffalo Bills was did they lean so heavily into these formations because that was Brian Daboll’s playbook or they didn’t have the personnel to add in more variations?

That is not going to be an issue this year and Josh Allen hints at the idea of different personnel groupings this year:

"“We’ve got a lot of juice,” Allen said. “So it’s finding ways to put the ball in the hands of our playmakers, getting the right people on the field at the right time. Whether that’s 11, 12, 13, zero [personnel], 10, whatever,” Allen said"

One of the players that should benefit most is James Cook, who the Bills drafted in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft. The reason that the former University of Georgia running back can benefit is that he is very versatile and is listed as a running back but can be moved around the formation and lined up at wide receiver.

Allen did mention Cook, along with O.J. Howard and Jamison Crowder, as players that will help in this regard in the article but of this group, I believe Cook has the best chance to benefit.