4 teams that could land Mitchell Trubisky in free agency

Josh Allen, Mitchell Trubisky, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports)
Josh Allen, Mitchell Trubisky, Buffalo Bills (Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Mitchell Trubisky
Joe Schoen, Brian Daboll, New York Giants (Syndication: The Record) /

Mitchell Trubisky Landing Spot No. 1: New York Giants

Given the connection between the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills, this move makes the most sense; and it seems to be the most likely.

Not only did the Giants essentially hire two additions from the Buffalo Bills (Joe Schoen, GM and Brian Daboll, HC), but they also don’t have a sure-fire quarterback, regardless of what the coaching staff has said.

"“There’s a lot of things to like about Daniel, and we’ll just take it one day at a time, we’ll work with him, we’ll help him get better. We’ll help him be a better leader, we’ll help him be everything.” – Brian Daboll during introductory press conference"

From my perspective, rarely do coaches and ownership publically talk down on their team, especially their starting quarterback. Not only does this drive the confidence of the quarterback down, but it gives the organization a bad look.

So, the coach-speak on Daniel Jones makes sense to me, especially given Daboll is trying to make a good impression on the fanbase and ownership. And in no way does that coach-speak ensure that Daniel Jones is the starting quarterback for the Giants next season.

That’s where Mitchell Trubisky comes into play.

A quarterback competition between Daniel Jones and Mitchell Trubisky has a few possible outcomes in my eyes.

Option One: Daniel Jones beats out Mitchell Trubisky in an offseason quarterback competition, thus making Daniel Jones the starter moving forward. Mitchell Trubisky backs up for another year and can test free agency again next season.

Option Two: Mitchell Trubisky beats out Daniel Jones in an offseason quarterback competition, thus putting Daniel Jones on the chopping block moving forward. Mitchell Trubisky earns a starting job again, and Daniel Jones looks for a new home when he’s a UFA in 2024.

Option Three: The Giants do something similar to the Bears, where they interchange the two quarterbacks week-to-week, giving no clear evidence as to who the true starter is.

I think the Bills put the Giants in good hands with both Schoen and Daboll, so I’d be shocked to see Option Three play out. Something like this is only done by a coach with the Football IQ of Matt Nagy, which has been shown to be a pretty select few.

I think Mitchell Trubisky could absolutely beat out Daniel Jones in a quarterback competition, but there’s nothing that shows Daniel Jones can’t take the next step and be QB1. Both quarterbacks have shown flashes of being special, as well as flashes of being another Average Joe.

With one team down, there are three to go. Which is next? Great question!