Buffalo Bills: 4 players on offense to watch against the Chicago Bears

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Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills receiver Jake Kumerow turns upfield after a catch during training camp.
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These are four players on the Buffalo Bills offense to watch against the Chicago Bears

The first preseason game for the Buffalo Bills didn’t showcase the offense fans came to expect last season. Last week, the run game was relied on much more and the Bills finished the game close to 50/50 in terms of run/pass plays.

This wasn’t necessarily surprising as teams usually don’t use their full playbook in the preseason. In this week’s matchup against the Chicago Bears it will likely be more of the same however these are four players to watch that will play a role in the passing and run game for the Buffalo Bills.

Spencer Brown

The first player on this list, and in my opinion the most important, is offensive tackle Spencer Brown. The reason is that the third round pick could be playing a significant role for the Bills to start the season.

Last week against the Lions, Brown got the start at left tackle and he once again should start for the Bills. It will be important for the rookie to have a good game because the coaching staff should be preparing for the potential of starting the season without Dion Dawkins.

Sean McDermott said this week that Dawkins was “not close to where he needs to be” which is understandable considering the starting left tackle spent several days in the hospital due to COVID-19.

If Spencer Brown struggles, the Buffalo Bills could be looking at offensive tackles who are still free agents.

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