Buffalo Bills: J.J. Watt’s free agency decision is reportedly not imminent

It sounds like the Buffalo Bills and the rest of the NFL is going to have to wait a little longer as J.J. Watt’s decision of where he is going to play next isn’t reportedly going to come any time soon. According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Watt is still in the process of “narrowing his options” but is making progress.

This tweet appears to align with a report from John Clayton who had to clarify his statement earlier in the day on the radio. Clayton was quoted as saying it was down to three teams which included the Bills, but also the Tennessee Titans and Green Bay Packers. The tweet said that the Las Vegas Raiders were a dark horse.

In the clarification, Clayton says that the Buffalo Bills are among the leading teams but he has upwards of a dozen teams after him.

This is not surprising that the three-time Defensive Player of the Year would be generating this type of interest. While J.J. Watt is older at 31 years old he is still an effective player that can transform a defense.

For the Buffalo Bills, they absolutely need what Watt could bring to this defense. He is an excellent pass rusher and can generate pressure from the edge but also on the inside. He also does an excellent job against the run, which was another area the Bills defense struggled with last year.

The question is whether or not they can afford the former Texans’ pass rusher. If there are a dozen teams currently pursuing him, it is unlikely that he would need to give any team a team-friendly deal. This means the Buffalo Bills will need to create some cap space but may not know just how much until the salary cap is set for the upcoming year.

At this point, there is plenty of uncertainty but considering the Buffalo Bills are a favorite according to reports, it should make them feel good about their chances in landing J.J. Watt.