Buffalo Bills: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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7. player. 16. . Inside Linebacker. 1962-72. Mike Stratton

No linebacker in the history of the Bills franchise has been as sensational or made as large of an impact as Mike Stratton. While not a household name for younger generations, he’s certainly one worth knowing if you claim to be a Buffalo fan.

As a whole, Stratton enjoyed a wildly successful career with the Bills. During the 1960s and early 1970s, he wreaked havoc on opposing offenses. Between his big-hit abilities and knack for intercepting passes, he always seemed in position to turn the tide of the game.

If you’re looking for evidence of this, look no further than the 1964 AFL Championship Game. Stratton’s “Hit Heard Around the World” on San Diego Chargers running back Keith Lincoln gave the Bills a huge momentum swing, allowing them to run away with the game while earning their first championship. That set the tone for the rest of his career, during which he continued to serve as Buffalo’s defensive hammer.

Throughout his 11 seasons in New York, Stratton played his way on to six AFL All-Star teams and won two championships with the Bills. The part he played in some of the greatest defenses of the 1960s helped him secure this spot on the list.