New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills: Vegas Line, Weather, Predictions

At 1 o’clock on Sunday the Buffalo Bills will kickoff week 13 against the New England Patriots

The Buffalo Bills are currently 8.5 point underdogs to the New England Patriots, per According to said sports book, there is more money being placed on New England to cover than for Buffalo against the spread.

Vegas Odds:

Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots (-8.5)

Over/Under: 48.5 points

Buffalo Bills (+350) vs. New England Patriots (-500)

The Buffalo Bills are underdogs once again, but this time it is a familiar feeling against the New England Patriots. This will be the first in the two game match-up that these divisional rivals have every year. These games have not been friendly to the Buffalo Bills as of late, and Sunday may not be too different.

 The New England Patriots are currently 9-2 and in first place of the AFC East.

Buffalo Weather Report

Partly Cloudy

High 46 degrees / Low 34

Precipitation: 10%

Humidity: 77%

Wind: 11 mph


Zero out of ten ESPN analysts chose the Bills over New England for their week 13 matchup.

FiveThirtyEight, a respected sports analytics site gives the Buffalo Bills a 27% chance to win this game. FiveThirtyEight narrowed the spread and gave the New England Patriots the edge at -7.

Buffalo will start Tyrod Taylor again which means good things for this offense. New England has a past of struggling with mobile quarterbacks such as Cam Newton and Russell Wilson. While Tyrod Taylor is not as talented of a passer as those two quarterbacks; he is more of a true rusher. My prediction: I don’t see a whole lot of ways that Buffalo has the edge on New England. Patriots edge out the Bills 34-16.