Three Takeaways From Bills Fourth Straight Win

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Here are three takeaways from the Bills fourth straight win

The Buffalo Bills won their fourth straight game this past Sunday. It’s something the team hasn’t done since 2008. After an 0-2 start, the team has completely reversed the trajectory of the season and optimism amongst their fans is peaking. Bills supporters haven’t seen their team play this complete of a game since Week 3 last season when they beat the Miami Dolphins 41 – 14.

The obvious takeaway from this past Sunday is the fact that LeSean McCoy looks as good as ever. He’s second in the NFL in total rushing yards (587) and yards per carry (5.6). We’ll acknowledge he deserves to be one of the key takeaways this week, but everyone and their mother (and their mother’s, mother) have already written about that ad nauseam so we’re going to focus on some other takeaways from the game. We’ll start slightly negative and end with two positives.

The Bills dominated the 49ers but not as badly as you think

It’s great to see Bills fans able to “peacock around” showing confidence in their team’s performance last week. However, it wasn’t as big of a blowout as fans think. With under three minutes left in the third quarter the Bills were up by just four points. Right after the start of the fourth quarter the game was within one score. Shortly after that is when Nickell Robey-Coleman, for the second straight week, made the defining play of the game.

Robey-Coleman was the one with the hit that caused the fumble on the kickoff that led to the Bills opening up a huge lead and never looking back. The rushing attack was unstoppable and it wore out the 49ers defense. As Richie Incognito put it on the John Murphy Show the 49ers eventually “tapped out.” The 49ers quick paced offense didn’t do their defense any favors because they could not sustain drives as evidenced by the Bills winning the time of possession battle by over 10 minutes.

When the Bills finally did open up the game I wasn’t ready for it. It had been a while since Buffalo had a lead of that magnitude. When the Bills were up 22 with 9 minutes left they gave Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy a break for the remainder of the game. Not being prepared for this, I started screaming at my TV,  “They are only up 12 points! What are they doing!” After a few seconds, I realized they were up 22 not 12 and finally calmed down. I think part of me couldn’t fathom a 22 point lead for the Bills in the fourth quarter. So while the final score is impressive, the game remained closer than fans remember through the first three-quarters.

Find out what Tyrod Taylor does really well on the next slide which features our second takeaway.

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