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Oct 22, 2015; London, United Kingdom; Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus (99) wrestles with assistant defensive line coach Jeff Weeks at practice at the Grove hotel in preparation for the NFL International Series game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Coaching Changes:

Karl Dunbar – Karl Dunbar was fired by the Buffalo Bills this week. It would not have been surprising to see him fired right after the end of the season based on the performance of the defensive line but the timing of his firing (two months after the season) is a bit curious. We examined what might have happened in a previous article.

John Blake – John Blake was selected as Karl Dunbar’s replacement as the defensive line coach. Blake was set to coach the defensive line at Lamar University in 2016. Several years prior to being hired by Lamar University, he was the defensive line coach at UNC.

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He resigned from his role at UNC due to an NCAA investigation into whether he was receiving monetary compensation from an NFL agent. Blake was penalized by the NCAA but still maintains his innocence to this day.

The Buffalo Bills wasted no time in bringing Blake in shortly after announcing that they fired Karl Dunbar. You might conclude that the Bills had reached out to Blake before the Dunbar firing was official to confirm his interest in the role.

Blake, like many of the other Bills additions in the past year, has ties to head coach Rex Ryan. Rex Ryan was the defensive coordinator for Oklahoma for a season while Blake was the head coach. Things have come full circle as Rex will be Blake’s boss with the Bills.

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Jason Rebrovich – Jason Rebrovich will coach the defensive line along with John Blake. Last season, Rebrovich coached the outside linebackers for the Bills. He will be swapping positions with Jeff Weeks who was previously the assistant defensive line coach for the Bills.

Jeff Weeks – Jeff Weeks will now coach outside linebackers for the Buffalo Bills. Weeks was the assistant defensive line coach for the Bills last season. Essentially he swapped roles with Jason Rebrovich who will now be coaching the defensive line while Weeks coaches the outside linebackers.

Now that we’ve gone over the coaching changes which draft prospects are the Bills interested in?

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