The Buffalo Bills May Leave, But They Could Be Back

Let’s take a trip down the rabbit hole, the Buffalo Bills have left town. Fans are devastated, and the community is heart-broken. But, just because the Bills left doesn’t mean Western New York won’t get a second chance with the NFL. It has happened before.

Just saying the Bills have left Buffalo is hard enough, knowing it could really happen keeps people up at night, but could it be a Blessing in Disguise?  Most likely it is not a blessing in disguise; it could very well be a death-blow to a fragile community. But, it doesn’t have to be. There are at least three teams that come to mind that have left a city only to be reincarnated with new colors and a new image.

  • The Cleveland Brown called the shore of Lake Erie home from 1946-1995, only to rise from the ashes in 1999 only to bring  the Dawg Pound back to life.
  • Baltimore had the Colts from 1953-1983, only to see their team sneak out under the light of the moon. In a twist of fate the Browns became the Ravens in 1996.
  • In Texas the Houston Oilers faded away into the history books. They had a 36 year run. In 2002 the Texans were born.

I’m in no way saying that this will happen, or should happen. However, if the Bills are ripped from the Buffalo faithful there would be a precedent to bring another team to Buffalo. No matter how this next few months and years play out in Buffalo the Bills future will hang on a stadium being built. Let’s face it if we keep our team, or hope to attract a new team in 10 -15 years our playing quarters need a face lift.

Everything we are hearing in the news is nothing more than rumors, and little bits of the truth. But if the nightmare comes to life, we will always have the memories of the Bills and the Red, White and Blue will course through WNY’s veins for decades. After all sometime history does repeat itself.