A Question For Buffalo Bills Fans

The 2013 season is just about over for the Buffalo Bills, and it hasn’t gone as well as most hoped it would. This Sunday the Bills will try to take down the New England Patriots. After listening to a local sports radio station this question came to mind; do you really care who is under center this Sunday?

If Manuel is unable to go Thad Lewis will be called on once again, and I for one don’t really care. The only thing that matters to me is a victory to end the year. I do not care about Draft order, or playing a good game. It’s about the game; it’s about not being embarrassed again. Come 4:25 on Sunday will you’re really care who is under center, or will you just be a Bills fan?

I completely understand that Manuel is thought to be the next great thing in a Buffalo Bills jersey, but that can wait. I’d rather have a 100% healthy QB on the field. Manuel is banged up, and has shown that he may not be completely ready to be a full-time starter. In a perfect situation Manuel would have held a clip board this year and had the chance to grow into the job. That didn’t happen and I think he needs to use the injury to watch another game from the side lines.

This is Buffalo, and win agents the Pats would be a great thing. Come next year Manuel will most likely be given the chance to start again, but it shouldn’t be this Sunday. Should it?

Do you care who is under center this Sunday?

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