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Harsh Words from John Clayton on Quarterbacks

John Clayton wrote these words in his ESPN mailbag in response to a reader email on why the Patriots have been so dominant in the AFC East:

“It’s not the ownership. It’s not the GMs. It’s not bad luck. It’s the quarterback. The Patriots have Tom Brady. Miami, Buffalo and New York don’t. The situation is no different than what was going on in the AFC South when Peyton Manning was in the division. We’re seeing the same thing in Denver now that Manning is there. To win the AFC East, a team needs a quarterback who can match Brady’s skills. Making it tougher for the AFC East is that while Brady is doing his magic on offense, Bill Belichick is doing more magic with his schemes. Look how many quarterbacks the Dolphins have been through since Dan Marino. Until Brady retires, it’s going to be tough for teams in the AFC East to catch New England.”

I wholeheartedly agree and disagree with Mr. Clayton.  It is the quarterback position that holds teams back and moves them forward. The Bills have not adequately filled that position since Jim Kelly was under center (although one could argue that Bledsoe did the job).  I hope that EJ Manuel is that man to break the cycle.

In the end though, it IS the GMs fault, which in turn means the blame can be placed on ownership that hired the GM.  One man does not make a team, but it is tough to argue with what Clayton wrote.  The last 14 years speak for themselves in the win-loss column.

What do you think Buffalo?  Is Clayton off base here?

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  • truthbetold

    No he isn’t. As a Broncos fan, I don’t take the chiefs or the raiders seriously, simply because they have nobody to outduel Peyton manning. I barely even respect rivers. You simply have to have a quarterback who can lead you over the hump.

  • Zachary Alexander

    Disagree. Clayton makes a valid point but the fact of the matter is this: Manuel did not have the tools necessary for a quarterback to succeed in the NFL. Brady and Manning are talented QB’s but they also had the necessary weapons to succeed. Manuel had a broken offensive line, an injured running back tandem, inexperienced receivers, and a rookie coaching staff. The true test of whether or not he can take Buffalo over the hump will be this year when he has the necessary tools. Until then one cannot hold last season against Manuel which is why I disagree with Clayton. He is inferring that Manuel cannot bring the Bills over the hump when he hasn’t had a chance to do so.

  • chas territo

    I was gonna comment but you beat me to it by your comment which is exactly what I would’ve said. GO BILLS!!

  • truthbetold

    Peyton and Tom have certainly played with some talented players, I acknowledge that. But I also acknowledge that they have used their greatness to elevate some players to a level they wouldn’t see if they were playing with lesser quarterbacks. As for EJ, and geno too, I agree with you actually. I’m not going to write either of them off based on last season. They have a better situation this season in terms of weapons. We will find out about the two of them this season. But to be honest, I still think that division will still be the Tom Brady show.

  • Theo

    Brady had “weapons”? He won 3 super bowls with Christian Fauria and Troy Brown. He made Deion Branch look like he was worth a huge contract. He resurrected Randy Moss from the trash heap and made Wes Welker a hall of famer. He had 4 rookies and lost BOTH of his TE’s and his #1 and #2 wr last year. I absolutely hate when ignorant fans just claim Brady has all this invisible talent around him. I GUARANTEE if Buffalo had Brady, they’d have won 11 or more games last year with 2 stud backs and a fast wr corp.

  • Zachary Alexander

    You forgot how great his offensive line was. The point is Manuel can become a QB who will challenge Brady but you cannot judge his ability to do so until after this year. You’re too caught up on the Brady wagon to understand the point of the article. My comment is simply starting that Brady and Manning were apart of accomplished organizations who had experience winning. Manuel’s offense this year leaves his destiny in his own hands. He can become the franchise QB we need our he’ll prove otherwise. Either way he has not had a chance to prove himself till this year.

  • chas territo

    You can’t compare a rookie to Brady a seasoned veteran of NFL football, to do so is just dumb. Brady is most likely the greatest QB of all time. Then you have EJ a rookie. So don’t be foolish, it’s apples to refrigerators. Not even in the hemisphere of each other. GO BILLS!!

  • manmt

    The reason haven’t had a QB is the GM. You can’t have one if you don’t draft one. The Bills last playoffs were with Flutie and they f’d him over. They could have had Drew Brees, then many others like Ryan Mallett and the heavy numbered QB’s of two years ago. I think the present GM put pressure to get EJ Manual. I hope that works out.

  • chas territo

    You know shit about the Bills and pretty much NFL football. You blew it from the start by referencing Whaley in such disregard. Then you lost what very little cred you had left by mentioning Ryan can’t play Mallett. GO TROLL the Bridges underpass where you family resides.

  • camaro_mang

    why you hating on the bills? don’t be racist