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How Many Wins Will the Bills have in 2014?

Optimism runs high this time of year for the fans in Buffalo, after all, everyone has a 0-0 record.  The same statements arise every year at this time: Why can’t the Bills make a run to the playoffs? We have improved so much. This team is ready to take the next step.

We heard it under the previous regime and the one before that etc.   We need to stop fooling ourselves.   The Buffalo Bills are not a good football team compared with the rest of the league.  We are like the girl at the bar that thinks she is a solid 9 and a half, but in reality is a 6.  The other teams in our division must have a good chuckle at some of the moves that are made.

We want to talk like it is 1991, but those days are long gone. Even the betting men in Vegas know this as the odds of the Bills winning the Super Bowl actually dropped after the draft.  The Bills dropped two places in the ESPN power rankings after the draft.  Do you really think what has been done over the last two months is enough to propel this team to the playoffs? The folks that make their livelihood on football betting don’t think so.

My prediction for 2014:

  • The Bills will win a maximum of 7 games, but will likely be closer to 5.
  • The Cleveland Browns will have 2 top-ten draft picks in 2014.
  • The New York Jets will give the Patriots as run for the AFC East title, but ultimately the Patriots will win it again.
  • The Dolphins will be 8-8 again.

What do you think Buffalo?  How many wins can we expect in 2014?

How Many Games Will the Buffalo Bills Win in 2014?

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  • chas territo

    Andrew, this has to be the worst article you’ve ever written! Enough with your obvious hatred for our Buffalo Bills! Be at least a little fair in your bullshit stories!! GO BILLS!!

  • Chris Daeffler

    The odds went from 75 to 1 to 65 to 1, and the Jets? Come on. They will be lucky to win 4. Andrew Kohler you are a total moron and should be banned from sports writing.

  • Pridenpoise

    I’m not a Bills fan, but I think if they get decent play from E.J they could easily win 10 games this year, New England is on the decline, no really they are, and the Dolphins are underachievers, that leaves the Jets, a bit of a mystery this year, there’s no reason the Bills can’t win 10 games this season.

  • pavihe

    Even in Manuel’s first year – How many close games would have been won if Manuel had a running game and pass blocking? The additions to the receiving corp will be nice but the road graders and pass blocking additions to the OL will make Manuel’s 2nd year much easier. How much better will the defense be when the offense can keep the ball with sustained drives and providing the defense with field position? How much better will the defense be when they can stop the run? Spike & Rivers can shut it down!
    I predict a turn around year similar to the KC turnaround of 2013. Bill’s with an 11-5 record. Winning the division and going deep into the playoffs. Super Bowl? Within Reach!

  • chas territo

    You made great points but one was very wrong. Our running game was 2nd best in the league! Re-research this and you will know it to be true. Otherwise your points are well received. GO BILLS!!