Buffalo Bills: What are the Odds to Win Divisions/Super Bowl

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The Las Vegas Hotel and Casino’s Superbook has been put together for the odds for the NFL to win their respective Divisions as well as the Super Bowl. Some teams will not provide a viable option to place a bet for winning their divisions; meaning that if a bet is placed you will return a smaller amount of money than what you previously put up.

For example, Denver is favored at a 2-7 odds of winning the AFC West.  They have won the AFC West for the past four years.  So this means that with a $10.00 bet, the Denver Broncos, if they win, it would return a little less than $3.00 as a payout.  Really who would put any money down on a bet to bring in less? Isn’t the idea of placing a bet to make more than you started with? Either way the Broncos aren’t the only team that is in this situation. The Packers, Seahawks, Patriots, and Colts all show a similar fate.

There are six teams that have at least a 10-1 odds of winning their respective divisions.  The Bills and the Cardinals both stand at 10-1.  The Rams are sitting with a 12-1 shot and the Vikings are an 18-1 shot to win the division.  The AFC holds the title for longest shot to win their division held by two teams sitting with a 30-1 chance of winning; the Raiders and the Jaguars.

Here is the rest of the list of Division odds:

NFC East division odds
Eagles 8/5
Cowboys 9/4
Giants 11/4
Redskins 9/2
NFC North division odds
Packers 5/8
Lions 3/1
Bears 7/2
Vikings 18/1
NFC South division odds
Saints 5/4
Panthers 5/2
Falcons 3/1
Bucs 5/1
NFC West division odds
Seahawks 10/11
49ers 6/5
Cards 10/1
Rams 12/1
AFC South division odds
Colts 4/5
Texans 13/5
Titans 13/5
Jaguars 30/1
AFC West division odds
Broncos 2/7
Chiefs 5/1
Chargers 5/1
Raiders 30/1
AFC East division odds
Patriots 4/13
Dolphins 9/2
Jets 8/1
Bills 10/1
AFC North division odds
Bengals 8/5
Ravens 9/4
Steelers 9/4
Browns 6/1

On to the AFC and NFC Divisions:

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