June 19, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson (13) looks for a pass during the Bills minicamp at the Ralph Wilson Stadium practice field. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Doug Whaley Better Be Right On Stevie Johnson

And just like that the Bills have traded away their best receiver they have had in years.  My question to that is why?  Stevie Johnson was dealt to the 49ers for a draft pick and now can begin a new chapter in his career.

When I heard the news I just couldn’t believe it.  Wanting to build their roster and put weapons around EJ Manuel is a good idea but taking them away?  People are going to say he’s a bum and is not any good but before you do look at the stats.  A great route runner and all around good player I believe was never given a full shot to show what he had to give with the lack at the quarterback position. The fumble thing I bet will come out for sure but remember he’s had 3 fumbles since being drafted yes 3.  Stevie for now is the only Bills receiver to post consecutive 1,000 yard seasons.

As for the guys we got now I understand the Watkins pick and happy they finally did something they wanted to do in the draft but whom else do they have? Let’s take a look.

Robert Woods who was taken in last year’s draft.  It was said that he could eventually be a team’s number one but I’m not sure that will ever happen.  In no way am I saying he’s a bad player but he didn’t even post a 100 yard game last season and the only thing that’s come to mind when I think of him was when he punched the Dolphins defensive back’s helmet.  Smart huh?

Marquise Goodwin who also was taken in last year’s draft.  Goodwin will be a guy that will produce at times and should be looked at as a threat when on the field but how will he be used?  Hopefully he turns into a little more of a possession guy rather than a burner.  He’s probably my favorite out of the group not seeing Watkins play yet.

TJ Graham is a guy that I wonder how he still has a job.  The Bills who had traded up to get him years back has done absolutely nothing in his time in Buffalo.   Posting a 3 reception game with a TD last season was said to be his best game in his career.  That’s sad if you ask me.

Lastly there is newly acquired Mike Williams.   I’m still wondering why we got him.  Looking at his stats he really hasn’t done anything outstanding and now he’s coming onto a team with very little experience at the position. Could care less that he was born if Buffalo.  I just want guys to come in and play well for this team.  Also just so you know he’s played two less years than Stevie and has more fumbles than him.

So looking forward I really hope Johnson produces in San Francisco and shows this Bills team.  Getting rid of skilled players that help your team is something that shouldn’t be happening.  Maybe it will work but I just don’t see it.

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  • Latisa

    I’m going to miss Stevie. His production can’t be denied. Trading him was more about the locker room than on the field. You can’t ask a guy that was number 1 to take a backseat to a rookie. I wasn’t going to work. Sammy is an elite talent but only time will tell if it was with it.

  • Thomas Eric

    We needed to clear the contract Stevie was getting over paid and was highly over rated

  • Ron Cianciosi

    How about dropped balls in critical times and his antics got tiresome

  • John

    Antics?? How about let these guy’s play the game and have fun. Lambo leap, dunking the football yup….. everyone drops passes. Did any game really mean anything?

  • John

    Could’ve worked on contract. Over rated? Look were he has drafted and what he did with the QB. Just saying

  • Ron Cianciosi

    Fine, how about all the dropped balls when he was wide open. I don’t care if the game meant anything, he’s paid to caul tech the ball

  • John

    Won’t argue the dropped balls but everyone is paid to do that. Its going to happen. Do me a favor and take a look at Wes Welker’s drops and fumbles. Bet alot of people would love to see him here but wouldn’t even care about it

  • NWBill

    I get the feeling that this trade was more about personality and lack of production for various reasons, along with the clear fact that Stevie never seemed to be 100% onboard with the new regime in Marrone & co. He SAID all the right things, of course, but the Bills didn’t really utilize him as much last year as they had previously. That, to me, is a sign of a lack of confidence in a player. You would think that Stevie would have been EJ’s safety-valve receiver, given his seniority in the WR corps; but it never really worked out like that. Granted, both EJ and Stevie were injured last year, but I thought that they never really found a confident rhythm you want and need to see with your presumed #1 receiver.

    I’m glad this trade was made, because Stevie’s advancing age and salary #s made less and less sense for Buffalo as time went on. Drafting Watkins just …accelerated things, I think. If Buffalo hadn’t laid their hands on Watkins, or Mike Evans if he’d been their choice ….then I was OK with Stevie staying at least one more year. But, as I’ve said before recently, when you compare Watkins to Johnson talent-wise, why would you keep Stevie? Sure, Watkins could get injured; ANY player could get hurt. To me, that’s a non-issue. Some people on this board talk about injuries like they KNOW they’re going to happen; to me, it’s just a part of the game. Sure, you don’t want it to happen, but you can’t cry into your beer when they do; if you’re smart, you’ve planned for contingencies in case it does happen. I think Buffalo has assembled a very nice WR corps, and now Sammy Watkins is the talent leader of it. Things can’t get anything but better as they grow and develop with EJ, and the Bills fill in remaining holes to get this team where they want to be.

    Good luck to Stevie (I hope he doesn’t badmouth Buffalo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he does; he seems to be that kind of guy), and, whether he does well, or not …. Buffalo has moved on from Stevie Johnson.

    Accept it, and move on.

  • NWBill

    He wasn’t going to do anything with his contract for the Bills ….that was pretty clear. He’s more of a “me first” guy, and wouldn’t have helped Buffalo with its’ cap if asked. Whaley knew this, and acted the way he did to protect the cap after next season. What you’re forgetting, John, is that you don’t pay a 7th round pick the money and contract length Stevie was gonna go for; he’d already signed an extension, and at his age, with younger players coming up behind him …this was the best thing to do for all concerned. He’s lucky he didn’t end up in Jacksonville or Oakland; Buffalo did him a favor sending him somewhere that will be good for him.

    I have no problems with this trade, and can’t understand why people are so attached to this guy – who was NEVER as good as he thought he was, and had too many distracting episodes to be worth hanging onto. Stevie was the #1 here in Buffalo because THE BILLS DIDN’T HAVE ANYONE BETTER; now, they do. I’d take both Mike Williams and Sammy Watkins over Stevie any day of the week.

    He’s gone – accept it, and move on.

  • John

    I will laugh if Watkins/Williams is a bust. That’s all ill say.

  • Thomas Eric

    By doubting the bills one and hoping for bust your fan hood is now in question….. Williams was brought in to be that red zone threat as well which we lacked…also watch the game tape Stevie tends to drop more balls then he catches

  • John

    I do watch thanks… I can’t disagree or even dislike what’s going on? The team makes a move and everyone is automatically supposed to like it? I see

  • http://Allcougdup.com/ AllCoug’dUp (Joshua Davis)

    I gotta be honest from an outside perspective not only do I HATE this move because it’s within the Seahawks’ division, I REALLY didn’t understand it either. At least not for a ‘conditional’ 4th rounder. San Fran had a million picks in THIS year’s draft and Buffalo really should have gone after that, as well as a conditional for 2015. I get relieving cap space and getting rid of a potential locker room problem when you’re going to generate excitement with Williams (who is a BEAST but hasn’t really had his shot to break out yet because of a terribly designed offense) and Watkins, but the Bills got the least possible return from a team that could’ve and SHOULD’VE been forced to give up at least one, if not two draft picks in 2014, not to mention the 2015 conditional. That’s just bad business from Buffalo honestly and that type of move is one of the reasons they have struggled to get back to the status Buffalo fans are used to.

    Bottom line, Stevie is a HUGE addition in San Fran and a loss in Buffalo. How much of a loss is debatable but they gave him up for practically nothing, which is a terribly inefficient move.

  • tayco0411

    A true fan should want all players on the team to excel. You shouldn’t get any enjoyment out of your teams players failing. If you do then the #BILLSMAFIA doesn’t need or want you. Pick another team please.

  • Zachary Alexander

    Stevie was traded in order to prepare for the future of the Bills. It is clear that Whaley and co. are investing in the next two seasons; saving 10 million dollars in cap space is a crucial part of that. The Bills have a big year NEXT year with CJ and Freddy’s contracts so I think it became an investment loss for the franchise.

    Don’t get me wrong; I have always supported Stevie Johnson. Many people that I talk to question his hands and “interest” in the team; I wholeheartedly disagree. Stevie has a very dynamic personality and a lot of the younger players looked up to him because of his energy and charisma. He was who he was and that was just part of the package. He made a lot of big plays in his years here but he also had a consistent issue with the quarterback play and the offense in general. People forget that he produced against some of the top corners in the league in years past.

    The downside is that he is getting older and he did have a nagging groin issue. For a young team like Buffalo, it would be smarter to let him go to a franchise that can surround him with talent; he wont have the pressure to be the top receiver there. He went back to his hometown and I really respect Whaley for making such a move as it shows class.

    Bottom line: The NFL is a business and Stevie was a poor investment in regards to where the franchise wants to go.

  • Zachary Alexander

    Even if the Bills received two picks from San Fran, they would still be mid level picks. The Bills received two mid round picks from SF and the Bucs. Essentially the same scenario only SF one pick.

  • Zachary Alexander

    I cant imagine the day where every Bills fan agrees with what the Bills do. We gotta start bringing in positive energy and stop the hate towards each other. Every fan is entitled to his own view but we all want the same thing haha

    1)AFC domination
    2)Super Bowl Rings
    3)To humiliate our AFC East opponents
    4)Retire Tom Brady

  • Zachary Alexander

    If anyone should have gotten cut for dropped balls, it should be TJ freakin Graham. Dude couldnt catch a cold if he was soaking wet and went outside butt naked in the middle of an arctic vortex smh

  • Bill

    I am SO glad Johnson is no longer a bill but a conditional 4th round pick, they could not have gotten more for him? He was their #1 receiver. I wonder if the news came out about Cleveland’s receiver and his failed drug test, if they could not have included him in that and kept the #1 for next year.

  • NWBill

    You’re an interesting type of fan, then, if you laugh when some guy turns into a “bust” for a team; although, if you think Sammy Watkins is going to be a bust, then you obviously have never seen college film or games on him. He was, quite simply, the BEST skill position player in this ENTIRE draft – that’s why Buffalo made that trade. I think it was gutsy, and a very nice move (nice job, Whaley!), and I think this guy is going to be the next AJ Green. He’s explosive, catches well, and once he gets separation – he’s GONE!!! You could NEVER say any of that about Stevie Johnson. Stevie was SHIFTY, ran his own brand of routes, and had a problem with dropped balls in crucial situations. From what I’ve seen of Watkins (and I’ve seen a lot), he has none of those flaws.

    My prediction? 1,200+ yards receiving, 10-12 TDs, Offensive Rookie of the Year, and EJ Manuel’s newest best friend.

  • NWBill

    Of course not ….but you could really try to be a little more open-minded about it. You’re talking about one of the best college WRs of the past decade being a “bust”, even before catching one ball in practice – and you expect sympathy? Learn to temper your judgement a little more, and people will take you better. When you come in with these wild statements, don’t expect people to smile and pat you on your back. Sure, you have your opinions – we all do, that’s why we’re fans – but, JEEZE! Sammy Watkins – a BUST?? Are you mental?????

  • NWBill

    Since you’re hung up on next year’s #1, think about this: if things pan out for the team this season, that #1 pick might end up being #25-#30 in the round. In that light, what do you think about the trade now? Sammy Watkins is the first legitimate #1 WR this team has had in a while; Stevie had that title more from seniority than anything else. Look at last year’s production.

    It was reported this morning that Cleveland had Sammy’s name on their draft card, and they were going to take him with the #4 pick, had they kept it. Assume that happened, and Sammy turned into a Offensive Rookie of the Year for THEM; how does that make you feel?

    People all over are saying Buffalo overpaid for Watkins; I say, given his production in college and talent, he is WORTH it. No one really wants to give Buffalo credit for making a gutsy trade; everyone’s used to us being vanilla year after year. Well, it looks like there’s a new sheriff in town – and his name is Whaley.

  • Bill

    Well first your assumption that the bills will jump to a top 10 team comes from where exactly? because they chose a receiver with the 4th pick? Second, my comment really had nothing to do with Watkins. My comment was that I thought Stevie Johnson would garner more than a 4th round conditional pick AND that a possible deal could have been made to include him with Cleveland had it been knkown about their receivers marijuana issue. I’m not sure why you are so focused on Watkins and I hate to break it to you the Bills aren’t competing for the superbowl anytime soon.

  • Zachary Alexander

    The Bills still received two mid round picks for next year. The most SF would give for Stevie would have been two mid round picks.

    How do you know the Bills won’t compete for the Super Bowl anytime soon? That statement has no relevance and or factual support in any way. Every year is a new year and a new season. Why so negative?

  • theman

    I agree 100% with the writer but that’s why the Bills haven’t made the playoffs in 15 years. I would be willing to bet the Bills playoff drought gets to 20 years before it ends.
    Bonehead management that is completely inept will keep this team on the bottom for years to come. They give away every player that proves himself when he is in his PRIME years. Jason Peters, J. Byrd, Marshawn Lynch, Levitre, Stevie Johnson and the list goes on and on. Buffalo is to the NFL like the Rochester Amerks are to the Sabres. Develop players for someone else. The dead old man and his team have been the biggest joke in the NFL for almost 20 years! WOW, that’s a long time.