The Buffalo Bills Should Trade Stevie Johnson If This Happens


There is no denying that the Buffalo Bills need a true big time receiver, and while Stevie Johnson thinks that’s him he is just flat-out wrong. With the NFL draft fast approaching could the Bills look to move their number one receiver?

Johnson is 27-years-old stands 6’2″ and weighs 207 pounds; given the need for a big receiver I feel that he falls a bit short. Johnson’s career came from the ashes, a former 7th round pick, no one thought he had the ability to be a NFL number 1 receiver, and if you ask me he is not.  His career numbers leave a lot to be desired (301 receptions, 3,832 yards, and 28 TD’s).

Last season Johnson missed four games due to injury and personal issues. While away from the team, the Bills didn’t seem to have much contact with him and to add fuel to the fire; it didn’t seem like they wanted to. I respect the need for privacy, but when you are the number 1 receiver in the NFL your team should want to keep in touch with you. A report on FanSided goes along with how I feel.

If the Bills are able to draft Mike Evans out of Texas A&M Johnson should just pack his bags. Evans is 6’5″ and weighs in at 231pounds. He would give the Bills the added reach they need. Evans ran a 4.45 40-yard-dash, and has a 37 inch vertical leap. Johnson runs a 4.59 40, and has about a 32.5 inch vertical. Despite Evans being a rookie, I think he would be an upgrade from Johnson.

The big question is what could the Bills get for Johnson? Maybe a high second rounder or maybe a low first? No one knows the answer yet, but I suspect as the draft nears Johnson’s name will come up more often.

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  • NWBill

    I totally agree with you, Patrick. If Buffalo decides to part with Stevie after being lucky enough to get Evans, then I doubt they’d get anything higher than a 3rd rounder for him. Other teams will understandably point to his lack of numbers and injury history in not offering anything higher than that. I think that if Evans is drafted, Stevie will get the message anyway ….and start being more of a hindrance than a help. In that case, cutting him wouldn’t cause me to cry many tears. It’s up to him; he can step up, and do his job ….or hit the bricks. As they say, this is a business – a business of winning.

  • Nate G.

    I must say I disagree with this. I truly believe that Evans would be the #1 and Stevie would become the #2 that he should have been from the start. The Bills would be very dumb to let go there only true veteran receiver with such a young quarterback. That WR corp is young and needs a leader and veteran. I see Stevie sticking around to help out. But hey anything could happen.

  • chas territo

    What kind of degrading our team is this post? You have the nerve to say get rid of Stevie if we grab Evans, even tho we might grab Ebron. Cutting him or trading him does not improve our team, it degrades the thrust of our team. Add a good WR take away a good WR, right? How does that really sound when you lose your hate towards Stevie? Stupid, that’s how it sounds. Stevie had a down year, we know that. He had good reasons why, you forget how good he really is because of a terrible game and his leaving to grieve. You should be ashamed to call yourself a human because you are heartless. I don’t usually go off like this but your post really pissed me off. To think you tried to act like you knew something special about Stevie versus a WR we may or may not draft and actually posted a sour grape post! GO BILLS!!

  • chas territo

    Sorry, he has an injury history? When? where? Last year he had a terrible season true, but he was injured late. Any other injuries? 6 yr career and he has had minor injuries but not enough to say he’s prone to injury. Look, you don’t like him, probably never have but he is a damn fine WR! In spite of your opinion the truth is he had 3 consecutive years getting over 1000 yds receiving. And that makes him unworthy of being a Bill by your thinking? Not hardly. Hate all you want but Stevie is a good man who got blasted for minor stuff early in his career and you like many others can not forgive an immature man who has matured. I just don’t get it. GO BILLS!!

  • Patrick Helper

    Thanks for the comments guy, Let me be clear about one thing. I don’t hate Johnson. In fact I think he is a good receiver. But,as I said in my post he is not a number one. As for his 1000 yard season; let me ask you this who else could the Bills have passed the ball to? Johnson has been our only threat for years. Do you feel that he is worth five-year, $36.25 million? If you do than you want to keep him, but if he falls to #2 on the charts, the Bills may be paying to much for what they will get.


    Stevie must go.. Yes he’s a vet BUT he drops the dam ball in key situations in the game.. This is him.. He will not change. Keeping him means we will not change. Robert Woods stepped up big time and my opinion is if we don’t land Evans I hope it’s Marquis Lee.. Well have two guys from USC that knows how to catch and run routes and don’t pout..

  • chas territo

    I don’t know who your talking about! The Stevie J., I know on our team has no real history of drops, he dropped passes yes, but not a lot. In fact if you did some research you would have the knowledge to stay quiet. Stevie is a good WR who had a bad year, but dropped a pass or two at times of need. So in your blind hate you see him as dropping all the time which is NOT TRUE! Also, he has only a handful of fumbles in his whole career , under 5, which destroys your contention that he is what the heck you said. If you are a fan you know this. Maybe you should open your eyes and ears to the truth about Atevie Johnson, not your small emotional rants. GO BILLS!!

  • chas territo

    I get a kick out of people who say any player is overpaid. Really what should be said is congratulation to this player. The bottom line is if a player and team agree on a salary both are deserving of said contract. Basic salary negotiation and result. Do I think he’s overpaid? No, I and anyone else’s thought don’t matter. Does ownership by signing him to this contract think they overpaid? No. He may be overpaid for a slot reciever,but if management signed him he is being paid fairly. That’s just the way it is. It does not matter what we think, it’s mgmt’s concern and since they sign all checks those checks are worth it. Stop hating any player because they asked and got, it’s really dumb. I would rather congratulate a player for getting what both parties agree upon than what anyone else thinks. GO BILLS!!

  • NWBill

    Chas, you’re making things too personal here; I don’t have anything against Stevie – I just think he’s not the best long term fit for the team. 3 consecutive seasons of 1,000+ yards is great …but what has that done to the bottom line for the team? ELITE WRs really affect their teams, and work hard to get them into the playoffs. I don’t see Stevie that way. I think he’s GOOD, not ELITE. Doesn’t mean I don’t like him as a person – but, unlike you, I can separate that feeling from a player’s performance and metrics. And as far as injuries are concerned, I was speaking from the perspective of a rival GM. Most of them ask, “what’s his health like? Has he been injured recently?” No one’s blaming him, but people ask certain types of questions. Just the way things are. Like it, or don’t – that’s just my opinion. If they manage to snag Evans in the draft, there’s really no need to keep Stevie, now, is there?

  • chas territo

    No, I see what you say is not liking him and it’s how you say it, you have a bit of hate. If you think you don’t you are missing your own message. I never said he was elite, I said he was/is a good wide receiver. Which he is. Also, I think he does deserves to be on our team as a 2nd wide receiver. Evans/Ebron will both be primary with Evans the main and Ebron will bevthe primary tight end. I see no reason at all to cut or trade Stevie. GO BILLS!!

  • NWBill

    If you think Buffalo can get BOTH Evans and Ebron during the draft (without trading away the farm in the process) then you’re delusional. And don’t assume that you KNOW me or KNOW my personal likes and dislikes – you’re like a liberal who sees hate around every corner and insinuated in every word written or spoken. How in the hell can I “miss my own message” if I’m the one conveying it? Do you think you’re talking to a robot or something? You presume and assume TOO much in your quest to be the President of the Stevie Johnson Fan Club ….while I treat this subject as the business that it is. Take your assumptions and fan fanaticism somewhere else; it’s disgusting anywhere near the likes of Ralph Wilson, Jim Kelly, and real Bills fans.

  • chas territo

    This is your reply to who? It surely isn’t to mine. You need to relax, take a breath or two and read it again.THEN you might make a reply that is more point on than your points way off. Never did I even hint at us getting BOTH Evans and Ebron! Either your blinded by anger at being disagreed with or you just can’t read. I look like a Liberal, whatever that means, oh, I get it. That’s when a person is so tongue tied they fall back on vanilla insults. Yes, I READ hate and it’s coming from you and your keyboard. Robot, no not a robot, a small minded cyber bully. Sure, vote for me, dude, I’ll accwpt Stevie J’s fan club presidency and I will do it proudly. I’ve read a lot of your posts, most were better than average, but they all had a commonality about them. You make sure you sound good butt you have an undertone to them. An undertone of arrogance and disrespect. You fool only yourself!


    GO BILLS11

  • NWBill

    “Evans/Ebron will both be primary with Evans the main…” – gee, that sounds exactly how I interpreted it; but, hey, I’M the one here with a real understanding of the English language. Looking at your spelling and grammar, I can see that you don’t. No offense, but you’re out of your league here – until you can assemble proper English sentences that make sense, and convey what you really mean – WITHOUT accusing people whom you disagree with of hate (like liberals always do when they don’t win) then you’re not worth the time or effort.

    Let me know if you want help with the English language.

  • chas territo

    “Evans/Ebron will both be primary with Evans the main and Ebron will be the primary tight end.”

    That is exactly what I said. It’s not clear to you what it means. A simple, direct, fully explained comment and you insult me because you can’t understand my words and then insult me. You are not as smart as you say you are. Look, iI was saying, EVANS will be the primary WR if we get him. Ebron will be the primary Te if we get him. How the fuck did you miss this simple statement? Then you have the gall to compare you to me by insulting my spelling which is very good. A mistype is not bad spelling it’s a mistyped letter leading to a misspelled word, Get it right. You are a self- inflated egotistic ass! GO BILLS!!

  • NWBill

    Well, I’m glad that you’ve replaced Marrone as coach of the Bills, because I haven’t seen any news reports to that effect – and I wanted to congratulate you on your new position! “if we get” Evans – don’t you think Stevie will have something to say about who’s the primary receiver? What about Hackett? You think they’re going to walk Evans off of the stage at the draft and tell him, “You’re the primary receiver for the Buffalo Bills – cause our new coach Chas Territo – whom you haven’t met yet, and probably never will – said so!”? As far as Ebron goes, don’t you think Scott Chandler might have something to say about who’s the #1 TE on the team? You really do assume a WHOLE lot. And you have a tendency to make these huge comments that don’t seem to be too realistic. To me, IF the Bills get Evans, he’s going to have to prove he belongs, or even starts – just like any other rookie would. Andre Reed did; I’d expect Evans would, too. It’s kinda how they handle rookies, you know? Doesn’t matter what he did in college at that point.

    He’s got to beat out Stevie, Robert Woods, Marquise Goodwin, and now Mike Williams – to even get to see any time on the field. Same thing with Ebron. They say Ebron is talented, but not very polished. Well, Chandler might not have his talent – but one thing he is, is polished. And THAT’S going to help EJ more than just starting Ebron, just because you say so. But you want to assume that (a) we’ve already drafted BOTH of them, (b) they’ll be the instant starters, and (c) the veterans and other players on the team don’t have anything to say about it. Clearly, I don’t assume as much as you do. I really don’t think, for instance, that Buffalo will get TWO top 10 players, when they only have ONE first round pick! See, as well as English grammar, I try to stay on top of math as well. So, I was a bit puzzled by your insistence that both Evans AND Ebron would end up as Bills. It’d be nice – no doubt. But I kinda think the other 31 teams might have a little something to say about it. But, hey ….that’s just me.

    Actually, a mistype IS bad spelling – because you (a) didn’t check your spelling before clicking “save,” and (b) it looks like you aren’t familiar with spell-check programs. When you mistype a word, Chas, you’ve MISSPELLED it. That’s kinda what I was talking about. It’s a pet peeve of mine, because I know that it’s so EASY to avoid, fix, and LEARN from. Does that make me a “self-inflated egotistical ass”? Nope – it makes me someone who loves language and proper grammar. I think proper grammar tells you something about people. Someone who is too lazy to check their spelling on posts before clicking “save,” probably is lazy in other things, too. So, you’ve got some work to do. Better get to it.

  • chas territo

    Congratulations from a dreaming asshole…Does it get any better than this? Oh hell yeah, Now I’m the coach because my opinion is so right on, you make me your fantasy coach. I am so sad for you and your mental dilemma, you insult me because you have nothing relevant to add. Good for the mentally handicapped there are programs to help you in your daily needs, medications, bathing and eating. Have they let you use a fork yet when you eat? Has the bib been removed yet. Did thet teach you how to wipe your ass yet? Here’s how you do it. Roll of about 16″ of TP, fold into a manageable square, taking your middle finger, press up or down as you draw the paper along your ass crack, repeat 2-5 times depending on your out flow. Don’t forget to wash your hands, you could spread germs or viral bacteria. We DO want that to happen, right? So, do you still sleep with the lights on? Under a blanket tent to escape the boogeyman? Are you actually getting better with the alphabet…yet? GO BILLS!!

  • Zachary Alexander

    I think Stevie may be overpaid, but people seem to consistently forget the effort he has put into this team. Stevie has had a recurring groin injury the past few years but overall, the team has been in an offensive struggle. To say that he has too many drops or is injury prone. Graham drops passes, Marquise Goodwin was also hurt last year, the backups have done nothing to prove themselves at receiver, and Chandler has also dropped his share of passes. If anything, this could be the year where we are able to develop a more consistent receiving core. However, to an extent I do agree with Patrick. If the offense excels this year, someone next year will become expendable, and that player is Stevie. Even though his job may be in jeopardy, Stevie has had 1,000 yard seasons with changes at quarterback and offensive strategies due to injury, as well as a struggling defense.

  • NWBill

    Wow ….all that football-related knowledge is impressive! Explains why so many people follow you when you discuss football stuff. What a brain. No response except to discuss bodily functions. What an intelligent, sharp, interesting person you are!

    My only “fantasy” in this case is that you don’t have any offspring; because if that’s not the case, then it’s a nightmare instead of a fantasy.

    Oh …. and “Did thet teach you…” is actually spelled “Did they teach you….” – have you looked into any remedial classes at local community colleges yet? Since you spend so much time spouting crap online, maybe you can redirect those efforts into online research for your classes and homework. Be sure to enroll in the remedial English classes, though; that seems to be your biggest need.


  • chas territo

    To you a simple misplaced letter is bad grammar and not a simple mistake? What a simpple minded and insecure pissant you are> You act like you never make mistakes because of your self’s so-called superiority. You must have a sad, sad life. My 2 boys are men fully prepared to face life as they have all along. Bringing family into this just shows how pety you are. Dude, take your meds, don’t miss a dose as you evidently have by keeping this bullshit going. Why do you keep coming back with your ignorant rant originating from your base insecurity? Do you really need to flex your internet muscles like this to make you feel relevant? you are not someone with many friends are you? I would feel sad for you if I didn’t like you, but that would just compound your insecurity because you are a needy person from where I sit. Go a way, stop fucking with me and I’ll do the same.

  • NWBill

    Simple is spelled that way, not “simpple.”

  • chas territo

    You are a self contentious ass and asshole. Twice I spelled simple correctly, once I mistakenly added a 2nd em. Yet your fucking asshole correcting missed a pee I missed in the word that describes you best, PETTY! You must have no friends because your self worth is based upon criticism and thinking your superior. I’m thinking you post as your hoisting a few and your drunk because your a drunken fool. Go fuck yourself with a raw piece of treated lumber. If you only lived near me, the fucking discussion we could have in person?? Leave me alone, you fucking degenerate asshole!!

  • NWBill

    “I’m thinking you post as your hoisting a few and your drunk because your a drunken fool.”

    The “your” in “and your drunk” is missing an apostrophe; it should be “you’re” in order to be grammatically correct.