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Buffalo Bills #1 Pick in 2014 Draft

It was reported today that the Houston Texans are reportedly trying to trade down and get rid of the #1 spot in the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft.

The Buffalo Bills also seem to be the front runner for the pick.

“Dan Pompei of Bleacher Report was told at this week’s NFL Annual Meeting that the Texans are “trying hard” to move down to “acquire extra selections.” According to Pompei, the Buffalo Bills have emerged as one potential trade partner.”

Why would the Bills be the front runner for the pick?  It is said that they would be looking for that top QB to bring in.  Doug Whaley has already stated that EJ Manuel is pegged to be the starter for this next year. Doug Marrone, although, has stated that they could go in any direction at the QB position.

“It’s anyone’s guess who the Bills would be chasing with the top pick. General manager Doug Whaley said Monday “we’re all in with” second-year signal-caller EJ Manuel, but coach Doug Marrone told reporters last month at the combine that Buffalo could go in any direction at the position.”

I personally don’t know who the Bills would be looking at with the number 1 pick.  Would they move up for Greg Robinson? Not likely, unless Robinson really bring something more than Lewan and Matthews.  That pick doesn’t make sense with the amount of offensive lineman that supposedly are available in the draft from what all the experts are saying.

Another option from what the analysts are saying could be to get Clowney or Mack to play opposite Mario Williams.  The only one here that is worth going for would be to get Clowney at the number 1 spot.  Moving up to get a OT is not smart, as they are all pretty much equal in the top 10.  Watkins and Evans won’t go that high so that would be a waste of assets that would be given away to move up.  Drafting a QB in the first 2-3 rounds is a waste of a pick as well.  EJ needs more time and with a QB coach this year, I think there will be definite development that will be noticed.  The Bills also don’t need an OLB, as in Mack, especially not as the first pick.  They just brought in Rivers and spikes and moved Kiko to the outside.  Another waste of a pick.

Past Jadeveon Clowney as the pick at the first spot for the Bills, everything and everyone else in the top ten are not worth the time for the Bills or a wasted pick for the Bills at the number 1 spot.  They can get similar talent at the #9 spot in both a Tackle and a wide receiver for which they are looking. Trading up would be a waste for the Bills.

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  • NWBill

    The OT theory only holds true if the Bills have someone in mind that they LOVE significantly more than the other good tackles in the top 10. And, honestly, I see no QBs this year who have significantly more talent than EJ – and Buffalo would be idiots to play with his mind by drafting another QB, anyway. The Bills’ brain trust just isn’t built that way. When they committed to him, I believe them (and I would do the same thing). EJ Manuel CAN NOT be considered a wasted pick unless and until he’s been through an ENTIRE year as the starter, and hasn’t made any progress. At THAT point, you draft another QB; but NOT before!!!!!

    They need help in so many other areas, I can’t see them going to all this trouble (assuming they get the pick) just to draft another QB, given the risks that involves. I WOULD take Clowney at #1, if I had that pick ….so that wouldn’t surprise me, if things ended up that way. And if things happened that way, I’d hate to have to be an opposing OC and have to contend with Mario AND Clowney coming through my line – especially with Dareus and Williams between them!

  • chas territo

    forget anyone but Ebron. He can and should be the player we pick at #9. Nobody brings a skill set as good as his. That’s all I’ll say, said it many times. Opened my choice of Ebron for debate. Guess what? No one, nobody, not a single person argued against and changed my mind.I feel Ebron is best suited as a Buffalo Bill! GO BILLS!!

  • Alex Jones

    name one TE taken that high,that has ever panned out. These are the top TE taken in the past decade and only two were taken above the 20th overall pick and on has had a good career so far the other didn’t:
    2013 Tyler Eifert 21st overall
    2012 Coby Fleener 34th overall
    2011 Kyle Rudolph 43rd overall
    2010 Jermain Gresham 21st overall
    2009 Brandon Pettigrew 20th overall
    2008 Dustin Keller 30th overall

    2007 Greg Olsen 31st overall
    2006 Vernon Davis 6th overall
    2005 Heath Miller 30th overall
    2004 Kellen Winslow II 6th overall
    It is not worth taking a TE that high if there are other areas of need, that could be filled by blue chip prospects. Now if we trade out to around the 17-20 range pick up a couple of picks in the process that fine and I’ll be more ok with taking Ebron but I still Billieve there are better prospects that fill our needs that won’t be: A) As much as a gamble as Ebron and B) fulfill the needs of the team greater than Ebron.

  • chas territo

    At least you researched before you replied. I give you credit and respect for that. Instead of just disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing, you did your due diligence.That, however does not make your argument as all valid. true, your list is accurate, no TE has been drafted that early. I must say/ask so what? Who says a TE CAN’T be drafted that early? Are you saying because none have been taken that early it’s set in stone,”no team” should, be allowed or accept a pick of a TE before say the , I don’t know, the 10-15th pick? On your list you have 2 TE’s drafted EARLIER than our 9th pick. So, it has happened before. Bam, 1 shut down against your idea. VD and KW, both were/are great TE’s imo. Bam, 2nd shut down against. I think those 2 TE’s show drafting a TE early can and has been done. Why should any team be a lemming just following the pack? Why should the Bills not draft a TE like Ebron, who by the way is top 15 of all players coming out? Why should they pass on a TE who can very well end up being one if not the best TE ever? It takes balls to go against the flow doesn’t it? I think you are more of a follower than a leader because of what you replied with. Leaders take the bull by the horn, don’t you agree? The Bills/Whaley are leaders developing and will do what is best no matter any trend or so-called taboo set before them. I liked your reply to a point, but you did not really prove drafting a TE that early is not good for the Bills or any other team. Nice try tho. GO BILLS!!

  • chas territo

    Something to add that I forgot. You stated no TE drafted that high, yet you showed 2 that were drafted even higher. Now, I can’t begin to say how badly your comment truly was out of respect for a fellow fan even a fan who doesn’t quite get what he says. Try proof reading before you post. By stating something abd actually being counter to your main point is kind of lazy and moronic IMO. GO BILLS!!

  • Zachary Alexander

    It’s hard to say whether or not the Bills will actually make the trade for the #1 pick, but if they were to make such a move that pick would have to make an impact this year. This makes me think that the Bills would want to go for a WR or DE. My only issue? I feel as if they Bills could still address either position without the trade up to #1. They don’t need Clowney or Mike Evans type talent but I will admit the fact that they are considering such a trade shows one thing. The Buffalo Bills are done playing games.