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Buffalo Bills Should Pursue Mark Sanchez

The New York Jets have signed Michael Vick and released Mark Sanchez.  The Buffalo Bills should have Sanchez into One Bills Drive immediately.

Sanchez, when surrounded by appropriate talent, is a very good quarterback.  He took the Jets to the playoffs twice and has won four playoff games.  The talent is now in Buffalo and the pieces are in place for a quarterback of his age (27) and skill to thrive.

Forget the “butt-fumble” and remember how the Jets have let this guy down.  They pursued Peyton Manning and without apology brought in Tim Tebow.  Geno Smith was probably the icing on the cake and now the misfortune and mishandling of the Jets can be to the advantage of the Bills.  All that has happened to Sanchez in New York has only made him stronger and wiser.

So many times I see the Bills draft good players only to have them leave when they hit their prime like the Bills are some sort of minor league team.  For once the Bills have a chance to do this to another team and a team in their own division!

Sanchez would be a marked upgrade over Thad Lewis.  He could even challenge for the starting position. When is the last time we had the problem of two good quarterbacks in Buffalo?  Plus there is no guarantee that EJ will make it 16 full games and wouldn’t it be good to have a backup that doesn’t miss a beat when entering the game?

What say you Buffalo?  Is Sanchez a good fit for the Buffalo Bills?

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  • chas territo

    No, do not sign this mentally fractured QB. Ryan screwed him up so bad there probably is no recovering for him. How many times was he set up to fail by Ryan? How many times was Ryan correct in devising ways for his QB to suffer badly. The result is a manless QB. We should not sign him for those reasons first. They should not add THIS vet QB, I only see trouble and maybe a split lockerroom just like in New York. Too bad, with proper handling he may have been a better than decent player, but he went where QB’s go to die, NY Jets org. GO BILLS!!

  • Paul Kawalerski

    Sanchez may have been an above QB at one time, but the times he went through in NY probably diminished his skills. He could recover and go on to become a good, maybe an above average QB. But, we have our own QB who is trying to find his way in this league. The last thing he needs is to start looking over his shoulders. EJ only has a ½ of a season under his belt, with new support staff on board to help him grow. Give him this year to see if he has what it takes and if he can stay healthy. Sanchez at this point is backup material, similar to Ryan Fitzpatrick. We don’t need any Jet’s castoffs.Simply on principle I wouldn’t bring him here.

  • danoooo

    Oh God no!

  • Benjamin Rogers

    I really wish people would stop crediting sanchez with leading the jets the playoffs. In his rookie season he threw 22 interceptions and only 10 tds, while having the best run game in the league with two 1000 yard runningbacks that season. He did everything he could to stop that team from getting to the postseason with his terrible decision making, a top 3 defense and #1 run game is what got them there. And his decision making and overall play has gotten WORSE since then. I wish people would stop blindly crediting qbs with how well a team plays. Sometimes it can be true, like Peyton in Indy with no defense or run game. Mark Sanchez is not one of those cases. He was just along for the ride when his team went to the playoffs, and they probably could have won a superbowl in one of those two season with a mid level talent qb, instead of one who throws twice as many picks as he does tds.

  • aaron burr

    I think you happen to be right, but your face offends me. I challenge you go a duel!

  • P2THAR

    Keep this disaster far from Orchard Park! I’d rather bring back Kurt Warner or Warren Moon. Hell, even Jeff George would be a better option.

  • Sand Ripper

    Sanchez should only visit Buffalo while wearing another team’s uniform and holding a clipboard.

  • Johnny Football

    The Bills should move up and draft a QB in the first round, but won’t. That would be admitting they reached for EJ and lost the bet, so they won’t.

    Since we are wasting the speed/talents of Graham and Goodwin with the inability of EJ to throw the deep ball, I welcome Sanchez.

    When EJ starts the year 0-3 showcasing his ineptitude with the long ball, Sanchez will take over.

    From Mission Viejo, CA………Mark Sanchez!!

  • chas territo

    I know from having lived in LA for 10 yrs, that the weed is the best in the world is found in California, but you should not post while your as high as can be. You are posting in above the legal limit for highness and the authorities may be knocking on your door soon. You posted the perfect balance of stupid and idiotic. EJ is our QB and will be a good QB soon. Graham is a terrible, but fast WR. That’s not good enough, look for his hands dropping passes ass get cut, also soon. EJ will start the year with a few victories early. GO BILLS!!

  • Johnny Football

    Hey, do you think EJ will be more mobile this year wearing that knee brace? I think he will take even more sacks per game and be injured as a result to the handicap brace he will now wear!

    Where’s that joint?

  • P2THAR

    I’d rather have him in the game vs Buffalo instead of watching.