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Buffalo Bills Draft Options After Beginning of Free Agency

The Buffalo Bills started out slow with their free agency moves. But after the ball got rolling Buffalo Bills fans can now see the direction that the bills are headed and they’ve set themselves up decently for the upcoming draft in April.

With recent signings of Brandon Spikes, Keith Rivers, Anthony Dixon, and offensive lineman Chris Williams, the Buffalo Bills are now looking to either pick up another offensive lineman, like Matthews, to fill the gap of Eric Pears or a big number one receiver like that of Mike Evans or even a wide receiver that will make an impact like Sammy Watkins.

The Bills also moved away from a first round tight end draft option when they re-signed Scott Chandler who had a career year for the Bills last year. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bills did not look for a tight end in the third or fourth round. The tight end that I am looking at right now with where the Bills stand would be Austin Safarian-Jenkins.

The Buffalo Bills have secured the running back position by bringing Anthony Dixon to help out with the injury logged CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson.

With Anthony Dixon coming in I wonder if Nathaniel Hackett is looking to use Spiller in more of a versatile role rather than a number one running back. This would take the two back system and move it to more of a three back system with Spiller, Jackson, and Dixon with Spiller being a more versatile player and possibly going out wide at times.

At this time I don’t see the bills making much more of a splash in the freezer market unless it’s more for depth reasons. I can see the Bills going wide receiver, offensive tackle and tight end in the first three rounds of their 2014 NFL Draft.

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  • NWBill

    Buffalo made some great situational signings during free agency; they obviously approached FA with a plan, and went after players who would potentially fill some holes for them and increase depth. Few of these signings were for really long-term deals, too – which makes it easier to back away, in case things don’t work out.
    Now, for the draft, I think Buffalo looks at it this way: OT, WR, best player available (in that order) – depending primarily on how the picks before them in the 1st round go. Also, I think they’ll draft a QB – but it won’t be before the second round, if even that early. Clear needs: a top-flight tackle or guard to shore up the OL, a big, catch-in-traffic-and-good-with-YAC wide receiver ….and then they fall back on their basic policy of drafting the best player available after that. Could be a CB, could be a linebacker ….could be a QB. Depends on who’s taken before they pick, but I see things panning out that way for them. That kind of draft, along with their FA signings, puts them in a position where they’ve upgraded overall talent, filled in some obvious holes, done some tactical things to improve run defense (Kiko Alonzo’s VERY SMART move to weakside linebacker as an example), and got to a positions where they can win more.
    The other big factor I see here is the fact that EJ is healthy, has had more time to get the offense in his head, and has more help now in a QB coach. That’s HUGE for him – and I really don’t see any reason why he can’t move to the next steps in his development. If they shore up the OL to protect him more, and open up more of the offense for him ….he should take leaps and bounds with his talent.
    The rest is up to the other players, the coaches, and the new DC.

  • Thomas Eric

    I like your idea of drafting a quarterback I would love to see McCaron in the 3rd if he’s there I think he would be a great back up plan and even challenge Ej after a year he would be an upgrade in the back up department not sold on Thad Lewis either

  • NWBill

    I like Lewis – I could see him as the #2, with a rookie behind him. To me, he’s the best veteran backup available to them ….and they already have him! Why mess it up? He did well last year in spot duty, and with a QB coach onboard, he may even get better.

  • michael

    as a bills fan please bring in vick to mentor this kid don’t draft a qb and cause controversy and ruin both draft a qb and bring vick in for a 3 year deal… My opinion we need a tight end and we need a big rec those need to be top drafts with of course another weak OL bills always suck but maybe its the qbs and not the OL sick of hearing it …. Bad coaches…Marrone gives me little hope but I still see run run throw run run throw 3 and out 3 and out try passing the ball man…. Manuel stinks honestly he is a third teir qb and that’s not my opinion that me watching him throw 3 picks against the jets… Vick can teach this kid some things and Marrone and Vick can create something like philly.. Use spiller as wide out and back Jackson smashing the ball dixion filling gaps and hopefully another WR that’s big cuz stevie Johnson your are a 3 wr not a one we need some luck in draft if someone special available with first pick I think Bills should take best player cuz a bunch of average players aren’t gonna cut it