Nov 3, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller (28) heads of the field after the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Chiefs beat the Bills 23-13. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Will CJ Spiller Wear A Bills Jersey Next Year?

Watching the Bills this year I’ve been waiting just like everyone else to see Spiller get the ball until he pukes. Making guys miss, explosive runs and just getting into space to drive opposing defenses crazy is what we have been accustomed too but what happened? This new coaching staff may be to blame but could you see Spiller playing for a new team next season?

As Spiller is currently in his 4th season of his 5 year deal he has surely proven what he is capable of but is he considered a system guy? With Chan Gailey calling the plays it seemed like he dialed everything up perfectly for him. Last year there was even times where everyone thought he should’ve had the ball more than he did but still managed great numbers. Now it seems that no matter what Hackett does he gets bottled up and is lucky to get a few yards.

Looking at his stats this year I’m am seeing 9 out 12 games where he was unable to reach at least 80 yards combined both rushing and receiving. Being the focal point of this offense I would’ve expected that maybe he didn’t reach that goal once or twice. The problem I have about this now is wondering if this is to blame on the coaching staff or if this slump is strictly on Spiller. The injury argument will come into play here but in my opinion if you’re not ready to play you shouldn’t and if you’re on the field you should be ready to produce every play. If Spiller is telling the coaching staff that’s he ready and clearly looks like he hasn’t then I fully blame him for the wasted efforts this year. That’s something no one would really know as it stays behind closed doors in most cases.

I mean don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of Spiller but why hasn’t he done anything this year? He has 3 decent games and the rest of the time he has been invisible. I thought the roles would be reversed and Fred Jackson would be the one unseen. Hopefully he can get his game together in the last three games but is it to late?

The only reason I pegged Spiller as possibly moving on is words have been coming from within the Bills about a shakeup. I have heard that it could come now through the end of the season but anytime could really be a possibility. Many may look towards Stevie Johnson on this potential shakeup but what happens if it happened to be Spiller? If I’m not mistaken there is a clause in his contract where the Bills could get out of the last year of  it or what if they look to trade him?

I’m not sure how I would feel if Spiller moved on to another team. What if he had another year like this year but on the other hand what if he returns to last season’s form. Like I stated this is just a thought but something may be happening by the end of the season that could change this team heading into next year.

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  • chas territo

    John, dumb question since he still owes one more year. He has an injury plagued year and I don’t see the Bills getting rid of him in any way. GO BILLS!!

  • John

    Hey Chas just wondering why its a dumb question? Spiller has done nothing basically when playing this year. Also if you noticed lately in important down situations it always seems to be Jackson. For a guy that was going to be the focal point of this offense its bad. Not saying by the way I want him to go but looking at everything it wouldn’t shock me.

  • chas territo

    It’s Dumb because he had that high ankle sprain and played thru it. Plus and this is important he is under contract for one more year! Are you one of those many people who give up on players before necessary?I suppose you think EJ should be gone because he played 9 games and was not what was expected? Or maybe cut Kiko because he only has 4 INTS and is 2nd in the league in Tackles? GO BILLS!!

  • Thomas Eric

    I agree with you john some fans don’t understand business

  • chas territo

    FYI, I do understand business. The thrust of this article has nothing to do with business it’s about releasing or trading CJ. Get it to the actual point and don’t be ki** a**?? GO BILLS!!

  • Thomas Eric

    Actually it is business if they can save from paying a high salary for an inconsistent back why wouldn’t they? If they can trade him for future assists or a reliable corner why not do that?

  • chas territo

    Direct quote from the author of this BS rumor.

    “The only reason I pegged Spiller as possibly moving on is words have been coming from within the Bills about a shakeup.”

    This is not about business per, se, it’s about Moving CJ!! If you see that as business your not totally right. AND notice he used POSSIBLY! Do you understand the meaning of the word? GO BILLS!!

  • Thomas Eric

    Right but if there is a shake up coming why not move this piece? He’s valuable and yes a shake up is still part of business