Oct 20, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller (28) makes a catch prior to a game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Wondering About CJ Spiller

As the new look Bills got ready to begin their season I think everyone can remember our new offensive coordinator saying that CJ would be the focal point of our offense. I’ll admit when I heard that I couldn’t have been happier seeing how gifted this guy is. His elite capabilities made him a threat every time he touched the ball and all signs pointed to him playing like last year.  Well so far this season it is not true and also I’m wondering were has his game gone?  Looking in a different direction I wonder now how this team would be without him.

This past January I did a piece on Spiller about the possibility of ever trading him. Looking back at the responses no one really wanted to hear it but now I wonder how many would change their mind? The league is all about the quarterback and if you don’t have one who cares what other players you have.

Just take a look at Minnesota. Peterson one of the best in recent history to play at the running back position has impressed greatly but what has it done for his team? Sure they had little success but after that I don’t remember them being any real threat. Their quarterbacks are average or below at best and it shows in their games. Any team that takes him out of the game automatically increases their chances of winning as of its importance. It would be interesting to see what this team would look like if they indeed had a good QB.

Now looking at two teams that I believe are built for this new NFL movement. The Broncos and Patriots are two teams that are built for offense and are doing it with average running backs. LeGarrette Blount, Brandon Bolden, Stevan Ridley, Shane Vereen, Montee Ball, Ronnie Hillman and Knowshon Moreno are in no way players that are thought of as being top notch or elite backs but yet backs that come in and contribute. That said everyone knows who these teams quarterbacks are. This is what I think the Bills may need I think.

Spiller and Fred each are getting their turns throughout this season so far but it doesn’t seem to be working. We are getting decent production out of them but when they don’t produce it seems like the rest of our offense doesn’t click. I know people will say that’s our offense but wouldn’t anyone just want a quarterback that could take complete control of the game. We may have him now but I don’t want this staff just settling for EJ. If they think another guy could be the future get him. The draft is set up now so a team wouldn’t be killed in the contract department, but it’s just them taking that chance.

So in the end I think I would have dealt Spiller if I had any takers. This team could use a big play making receiver, tight end, corner or even another good linebacker. I think other teams have shown that the playmaking back isn’t needed but rather nice to have. What do you think about Spiller? Can he turn it around or is something preventing it? Can look at this a bunch of different ways but one thing is for sure this team could fill some other positions to I believe really contend next year. Were definitely due.

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  • chas territo

    It’s our O-Line! They just can’t run block. Good thing they can pass block well.It’s ironic, Levitre leaves, Bills can’t run block! Does 1 player make that much of a difference? In the next draft I see the Bills drafting an O-lineman who helps to turn that around. I see us drafting that player in the 2nd round unless there is a stud available when we draft in the 1st round. Imagine how good we become with a better player at that position? 1 player gone, we became bad, 1 player added, do we become good? I say we do!! GO BILLS!!

  • NWBill

    Wow! It seems like no one’s reading stats – either the author, or any commenters so far. Buffalo is 4TH in the NFL in rushing so far this season; over 4 yds. per run, and averaging over 130 yds. a game! And THAT’S with both starting RBs being injured at various times during the season. Our O’line can’t run block???? How do you get to be 4th in the league and not run block?? The Bills have, through great recent drafts and some judicious pickups from the FA and waiver wires, have crafted a VERY underrated o-line this year. Cordy Glenn – a 2nd year player – was recently called the 3rd BEST OT in the league!!!

    I’d rather be here, where we are right now ….. rather than have Spiller run until he throws up! That’s crazy talk!! If the other team knows we’re going to do Spiller left, Spiller right, Spiller up the middle – it’ll be easier for them to defend!! What Buffalo needs is more of a balanced offense – their WR contingent, while very talented, needs just ONE more stud player to replace Stevie with. If Andre Reed were playing this year, the Bills would have won a few more games – bet on it! So, that’s what next spring’s draft should be all about; a stud WR who catches in traffic, runs away from CBs, and who will block when asked. In other words, another Andre Reed or Eric Moulds. Give EJ a WR like that, along with the others he has …. and this is a 35-40pt/game offense!!

    Oh, and Levitre? Wasn’t going to get the money Tennessee threw at him from Buffalo – no way, no how. But the line hasn’t seemed to miss a beat, from what I can see. Looks like a sound decision to me!

  • John

    I read stats all the time. The problem i have is i believe Spiller may end up being a system guy. Looking at this year Fred has basically taken the starting role by far in my opinion. Spiller is going back to his old ways and is not taking what the defense gives him. At one point maybe 2 weeks ago there was a stat that he had 30+ runs for 1 yard or less! A guy with that much potential and elite ability should not be in that kind of slump. Simply i wanted to go back to my previous article and just think about what other piece we could’ve added to this team if we got the great value from Spiller’s last season stats. I think both line’s are ok but we are in need of putting more weapons around EJ.

  • chas territo

    John, Try reading the O-lines stats. That is why CJ and Freddy have such a low number! Not the player. If guys can’t find holes the can’t run. Before you say Freddy gets up the middle rund. look et the 2, one is physical, one is shifty. GO BILLS!!

  • John

    Around the league most say the dolphins and cardinals have the worst lines but both have backs with higher averages then our two.

  • chas territo

    And both are straight ahead physical runners. Our 2 are neither, Freddy is close to that but not really. It’s apples and oranges. Too hard to compare stats to styles as far as I’m concerned. You feel as you do, so do I. GO BILLS!!