Stephon Gilmore visibly confused as to why nobody will give him a hug.

Stephon Gilmore Returns To DB

Looking through the Bills roster this morning I found Stephon Gilmore’s name noticeably absent from the corner back grouping. After switching the roster listing to show the players in alphabetical order by name I finally found  him listed as a defensive back. Gilmore is no stranger to the added responsibility the position demands as it was the position he played throughout his entire career at South Carolina.

DB is a natural fit for the 2nd year starter and it should prove to be a smart move for both his career and the defense’s options to attack the ball.  With the defense’s new approach of disguising  our  looks against opponents that heavily relies on player versatility and them substituting in foreign positions to mask our attack,  the move makes plenty of sense and should prove to quite successful .

The switch to DB will expand Gilmores role on the field and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get a few chances to run in on the quarterback and register a sack or 2 this year. In his 3 years at South Carolina Gilmore had 7 sacks on top of 15 tackles for a loss, which means he can be so much more than just the best corner back on our team.

Gilmore was on a lot of people’s radar to have a breakout season this year before he suffered a broken wrist in the 3rd preseason game against Washington and was ruled out 6-8 weeks. Even though he wont return until week 4 at the earliest I still believe it is reasonably possible for that to still happen.  He has the passion and desire to be the best, and he is not going to let a broken wrist keep that from happening.  One thing is for sure though  and that is all of Bills nation will be ready for him to return when he is all healed up, so get well soon Stephon and Go Bills!


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  • Brian Mueller

    What does this article even mean? There are defensive linemen (DL), they play on the line of scrimmage. There are linebackers (LB), they play behind the defensive linemen. A defensive back (DB) refers to the cornerback and safety positions, they play behind the linebackers at the BACK of the defensive formation. Gilmore has only ever been a cornerback and thus has only been a DB, he hasn’t made a switch anywhere. This makes no sense.

  • James Kriger

    DB refers to 4 positions while CB refers to cornerbacks specifically. Gilmore was listed specifically as a CB last year but will have a larger defensive role this season. I apologize if you feel this article is rubbish, but I appreciate your feedback. enjoy your day Brian.

  • chas territo

    Are you aware Gilmore is out for 6-8 weeks? Didn’t think so, otherwise you might not have written an article about him because your lazy, after all, simple and easy due diligence would have made write a more relevant article!! Besides that is their a copy editor who supervises your writings? GO BILLS!!

  • James Kriger

    you are aware that I covered his injury in the last paragraph right? o.O even so, thank you for your feedback and I hope you have a swell day.

  • chas territo

    James, maybe pointing out Gilmore’s injury in the FIRST paragraph Would have been the responsible move.Once I read the FIRST paragraph, you lost me! NEXT article before running off half-cocked, order the news in a more relevant way, like Hey the sky is falling, then say why it’s falling. Not the winds gusted at 45 miles per hour, a house was damaged, then oh,by the way, the sky is falling. GO BILLS!!

  • James Kriger

    Seeing as the article was about his switch to DB rather than his wrist injury I suppose you are right. Sorry I disappointed you to such a degree that you felt compelled to tell me what a terrible human being I am. I’ll do better next time, I promise.

  • chas territo

    You are right, but in my defense, I am a die hard Bills fan who gets insulted by misconceptions put in front of me. I have actually got so wound up, a fist fight got started. Bad me, I know, but it will not change. I love my Bills like my family, so, I will defend them the same way.BUT, I am sorry for jumping the gun, name calling is the sign of inability to discuss in a sane manner. James, we will have disagreements again, nature of the beast, But no matter what I will and you will deal in a much better way. You came back maturely and non-insultive(?word), and that’s better than me. Good day to you, CHAS

  • James Kriger

    Hey no harm no foul, cheers! and Go Bills!!

  • Andrew Svensk

    I have to agree with Brian, as I was reading this story it was really hard to make sense of it. I think you are reading way too much into the DB tag next to Gilmore’s name. He’s probably the best cover guy on the Bills and I really don’t see him moving around between FS, SS and CB. It’s possible that he gets an opportunity to rush the QB every once in a while, but that would be extremely dependent on how the offense is lined up.

  • Rob Dotzler

    Strange, I had no difficulty following this post. Made sense to me.