Bills fans rule everything about us, cream get the touchdowns.

We Want Your Input! Tell us what you want more of.

We here at BLD are under new management, and are currently trying to resurrect our fanbase. I personally feel that it is important to interact with our readers and bring to you what you want most while getting your daily intake of Buffalo Bills news and opinions. This is your opportunity to tell us what you like, what you dont like, and what you want to see more of. We want to hear from you the readers and accommodate our fans as much as possible. Please leave a comment on what you want to see more of. You don’t even have to register and confirm your email address to leave a comment, just make up a name and email address and leave your suggestion in the comments section below.

Also we just lost about 100 facebook ‘lilkes’ because we for some reason had 2 facebook pages, and the link to facebook on was directing new readers to the outdated facebook feed. If you were one of those people that liked our site on facebook I ask that you check again to make sure it is the same page. We here at BLD care about your interest in our site and do not want you to miss out on the constant Bills related articles we are pumping out. We are currently at less than 1/3 of the the number of facebook likes than the Patriots fansided site, and i would love nothing more than to put them to shame with the amount of buffalo love out there. As much as i would like that, it is really on you the reader to make buffalo a proud place to be on fansided. Lets go Buffalo, please help us put the Patriots to shame.

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  • BrittanyBella Louise Thomson

    Just win that’s all I care about

  • James Kriger

    if i could upvote that 1000 times i would, Brittany i can almost guarantee more wins this season. you never know whats really going to happen, but i think the bills are dangerous this year.

  • BrittanyBella Louise Thomson

    So true I hope they win this year


    The Bills need to run A more up-tempo offense ( god knows they got the weapons) and use their defense in A more physical way. Much like the NY Giants do. I believe this new coach will use these tactics and the results will show in the standings. A turn-around in this division isn’t out of the question this year

  • James Kriger

    you know i have been saying the same thing, our coaching staff is really impressive compared to the last couple years. I am absolutely expecting playoffs this year, and nobody seems to see it coming.