Aug 30, 2012; Detroit, MN, USA; Buffalo Bills free safety Jairus Byrd (31) against the Detroit Lions in a preseason game at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US Presswire

Be A Professional

The NFL along with the rest of professional sports is a job where qualified individuals have the chance to do what they love to do and get paid a lot of money. Just like a normal job there are the good days and bad as well as decisions that could alter your life. As many of you have read on this site from other writers the Jairus Byrd situation is not looking good for the future.

The Bills drafted Byrd in the 2nd round in 2009 and has had all good results thus far. His vision and ball skills have developed each year and he has become in many fans eyes a top safety in this league. Byrd is a guy that takes charge in the backfield and does a very good job closing and finishing plays. In his time here Byrd has also made the pro bowl.

When a player shows signs of becoming elite that organization has to think about what is needed to retain that player and build around him. In my eyes Byrd has that potential and has been showing it every year. Earlier this year the Bills slapped Jairus with the franchise tag and ever since it hasn’t been good. He for now is refusing to sign his tender and is rather only looking for a long term deal it seems. Questions for weeks have come up as to how much money he wants and also the term.

After hearing about this weekly and now daily I wonder if Byrd wants to play in Buffalo. His time here has been good stat wise but on the winning side there’s not much to be excited about. Also with this dragging on the Bills did select safeties in the draft and also moved Aaron Williams to the position. These moves are definitely things Byrd doesn’t want to see if he was to sign back here to a multi-year deal.

Now back to being a professional I wish I could ask Jairus some questions as to what he going to do (as would others). As a player in this league the Bills had every right to franchise tag him and retain him for one year unless a deal could be reached. Since that time as we talked about above it hasn’t been good and some think he may holdout. A question I would ask any player playing a professional sport is how could you holdout? I mean you’re getting paid to do something you love to do and in most cases getting compensated very well. Holding out to me is a selfish way to try and get what you want whether it’s a change in teams and/or money. They hold teams in some cases helpless and their forced to meet the demand of the player and move on. This can’t be done in the real world but sports players seem to be able to do it and get what they want in most cases.

So as we wait and see what’s going to happen I hope the outcome is good for the Bills and its fans. I have always been a fan of paying the player the money and retaining good players but when the player doesn’t seem to cooperate it definitely shows the bad side. So in these last days of a possible long term extension I hope the two sides talk and hopefully figure something out whether he stays with the Bills or has plans to move on. Just remember to be professional.

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  • NWBill

    Bottom line: the type of money he’s apparently asking for is out of line with the Bills’ cap limit and existing salary structure. Few teams pay even elite safeties 9mil+ a year to play in the NFL. Now, that’s not to say he doesn’t deserve it; I happen to think he does. But what he deserves, and what’s reality for Buffalo, are two different things. The more money you pay Byrd, the less you have for other players, potential free agents, and reserve players. There’s a tippling point that, when reached, means that either the player wants to stay here, and realize that he has to reasonably fit under the cap – or he takes his wares elsewhere to get the money he’s looking for. Byrd has to decide what’s best for him, and what’s important. I would think he’d want to be a part of what Marrone and co. have started, and are doing. But, if dollar signs are what’s driving this, then we’d best get used to #31 being assigned to another player in the near future. That’s just business in the NFL. There’s only so much money to go around.

  • John

    Exactly. This happens a lot especially when it involves the franchise tag. Also the guy would be getting nearly 7 million for the year. Turning money like that down if he does hold out is crazy to me.

  • James Kriger

    im with you there, imagine turning down 7 million dollars and opting to make none instead, i guess some people got it like that.

  • John

    Also got to remember that their careers wont go all that long and to lose a whole season may have him looking back at this down the road.

  • NWBill

    Not that it matters …. cause if you’re playing in the NFL because of the money, then you won’t end up on elite teams like New England, Denver, San Francisco, etc. You’ll end up in Oakland, Arizona, or with the New York Jets. Sure, you may very well get your money – but you’ll be playing in front of sparse crowds, and you won’t be doing anything except sitting at home like the rest of us during the playoffs. But if you play the game because you want to win, and you’re in a good situation, and people recognize your talent – then the money WILL eventually come. It all depends on a person’s priorities.

    Byrd should talk to Darrell Revis about how careers go when you follow the money. But, hey – he’s got to do what he’s got to do. Doesn’t mean that the Bills can’t – or won’t – move forward … and, I think, they finally have the plan and people in place along with the talent – to do, with, or without Byrd.

  • John

    Yea I agree with that. Its amazing how crazy players get when $$ is tossed around. I understand you want as much as possible but it’s not everything.