Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell introduces E.J. Manuel as the number sixteen overall pick to the Buffalo Bills during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Bills Get No Respect

Bills Get No Respect

The Bills now moving on from the draft sure have a lot of people thinking negatively. I have seen grades from as high as A- and as low as a D but those towards the lower end really gave it to the Bills. I just don’t understand why?

Everybody who follows this team has known for some time this team has needed a QB. As we all know that is exactly what Buddy Nix addressed right away. When that occurred it opened up big discussions as to why they did that and how it will now set this team back. EJ is not ready and will need to sit, the Bills needed help in other areas and why didn’t they wait to the 2nd round to address that position without anyone else drafting a QB. When hearing this I was thinking about how much of this down talk would be directed to the Patriots, Steelers, Giants or even Green Bay. Now I know these teams have been successful as of late but they all have at least one thing in common. The QB position is and has been covered for some time and has allowed them to progress in other areas. On the other hand that position has been lost for some time and now this organization is trying to change it.

The Bills coming into next season with a new coaching staff I believe will have everybody always keeping an eye on them. The looks of an exciting offense with possibly EJ Manuel, CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson, Stevie Johnson, Robert Woods and also Marquise Goodwin playing an up tempo game with great speed. Along with that this team’s defense I believe will be worlds better than last year. Last year they looked so predictable and never put up pressure. A new coordinator, schemes, players and attitude will for sure put more energy into that side of the ball.

So with what this team has done I hope the national media realizes this team has to start somewhere. Starting with the most important position it will hopefully allow us to then focus on other areas and build. When this season begins I think a lot of the negativity will be shifted from this organization and hopefully stay away. What you do think?

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  • crazybillfanla

    I love my team. The bills rocked the draft and all those haters out there trash talking my team need to shut up. When we win the AFC east and tons of people want to jump on our wagons, then we finally get respect we deserve. But until then we all BILLIEVE in our own team and God Will help us to victory.

  • John

    Exactly. I got a feeling people will be looking to come aboard as this team impresses.

  • crazybillfanla

    Yep. The bills are going from last place to FIRST place. Finally after 13 years with no playoffs, this is our year to make it! I just know it will come to pass. Never stop BILLIEVING

  • NWBill

    I totally agree with the points made by John, and I would add that I’ve sensed a sort of bias against the Bills in most national sports media; most writers and broadcasters seem to operate on the belief that the Bills are BAD, have ALWAYS BEEN BAD, and will probably be BAD in the future – so why waste time reporting on them, except in a negative light? That’s not being paranoid; just take a look at how SI’s Peter King generally reports on the team. Recently, he’s said some pretty good things about the recent draft moves – but, if you read what he says during training camp and the season, he typically says that they’re not very good, aren’t doing anything to improve, and are basically a doormat team. Rarely does anyone mention their great history, the incredible (and one-and-only) Super Bowl run, recent super performances by Fred Jackson, or the emergence of CJ Spiller last year. It’s like – unless they do something bad, they don’t get mentioned at all.

    Personally, I’m sick of it.
    Buffalo knew their needs at QB this offseason, so they (a) let go their previous starter, who was admittedly limited in skills and was overpaid for it, (b) signed a veteran who has had previous success in the league, and then (c) went out and drafted a QB who has immense potential. What’s wrong with that progression? They also pulled off a trade with the Rams to stock picks, and then went and filled several holes they needed to deal with. Got a WR in the 2nd round, Robert Woods, that reminds me so much of Andre Reed, it’s scary!

    Barely a peep on the national scene …. except EVERYBODY questioning Buffalo selecting EJ, and drafting him in the 1st round – instead of a lower round, where the “experts” all said he should have been drafted, after trading BACK to do so. As if the Bills already had an agreement with another team to do that, even before the draft. The Bills picked up FOUR picks from St. Louis for the #8 pick – and everybody focuses on, “Why didn’t they trade BACK – AGAIN?!?!” I don’t get it.
    Any OTHER team trade for FOUR picks – inc. a 2nd rounder – this year? None that I know of! But, all we get is weeping and gnashing of teeth over the fact that EJ never “should” have been taken at #16. Well, Tom Brady NEVER should have been a 6th round pick – but that’s what happened, and everyone MOVED ON.
    The Jets have been dysfunctional for 2 years; nobody points that out. Miami drafts a guy this year that has more issues than Eric Holder at a Tea Party rally – to fit in a defensive scheme that doesn’t match his skill set – and people just shrug. And, they TRADED UP to do it! But, hey – let’s all talk about what BUFFALO was thinking in not drafting EJ Manuel in the 2nd or 3rd round, where he belonged!
    Buffalo has an obvious plan, it’s being executed by people who seem to know what they’re doing …. and I think they’ve positioned themselves to succeed – exactly what they SHOULD be doing. Now, we all know that hasn’t been the case … but, if you follow the national media, the Bills are stumbling all over the place – as usual. Any OTHER team pull off these moves, they’d get decent press over it. Not Buffalo.

    We’ve got them just where we want them!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004502435272 Jim Murphy

    Lots of genius’s after the first round was over. I know for a fact last year all gerus except Gruden said Russell Wilson was a 4th round pick.. I’m sure these are the same people who are throwing EJ and the Bills under the bus..Im saving all the negative articles for an eat crow buffet.. Rumble Buffalo rumble !

  • Rich Quodomine

    I love my Bills, but respect is earned through Ws, not potential. I liked the draft a lot, thought we got a lot of talent. I think a small market team, like Buffalo or Green Bay, doesn’t get respect without wins and a major talent and personality at QB. The QB is the most visible position at any time. Don’t buy the hooey that it’s only recently that it’s a QB-driven league. Horsecrap. It’s always been a QB-driven league, or at least since the SB era, it has been. Teams winning SBs without Pro Bowl QBs are few and far between. The Ravens in 1999 or the Bucs in 2002 are exceptions, not rules. So, now the Bills have a highly intelligent QB with the physical tools to be successful. So, if Manuel works out, and becomes the QB I think he can be, the Bills will get the respect of the media. Until then, it won’t happen.