Should The Bills Consider Michael Vick?

Oct 28, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (7) passes the ball during the fourth quarter against the Atlanta Falcons at Lincoln Financial Field. The Falcons defeated the Eagles 30-17. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Just like four years ago, it seems like Michael Vick will once again be on the market.  It was reported yesterday that the Eagles would be benching Vick in favor of rookie quarterback Nick Foles. USA Today is reported that sources close to the situation tell them this may not be the case, but nonetheless Vick is in hot water.

The Eagles have lost three games in a row, once again underachieving. Vick has been putting up yardage, throwing for 1,823 yards, well on his way to pacing last year’s numbers. However he has thrown eight interceptions to his nine touchdowns and fumbled nine times. He’s been a turnover machine.

Vick is a free agent, and its looking more and more like the Eagles will not be bringing him back. That makes you think, could he possibly be an option for the Bills? He would be an upgrade over Ryan Fitzpatrick in most people’s eyes. However it would still be a risky move, as we don’t know if Vick is on the decline.

If the Bills do not have a low enough draft pick, however, Vick might be the best they can do if they are looking to make a move at quarterback. Likely to get a top notch QB the team will need to be picking in the top seven selections, and the way the schedule is laid out it looks like the Bills will be better than that. This doesn’t have to be the year that a new quarterback comes, and the front office could wait until the next draft comes along. Its all up in the air.

Vick shouldn’t be the highest sought after player, and it wouldn’t be the biggest stretch to think the Bills would have a chance. It would give the team a playmaker that they’ve lacked for years, but could also send a rebuild back a few years if it doesn’t pan out. What do you think of the idea? Tell us your opinion on the Eagles QB in the comment section down below.

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  • johnjsimmons

    My comment didn’t pass moderation? Ok, here’s the nicer version. Mike Vick signed a six-year contract two years ago. He’s not a free agent. Your article can’t possibly be correct.

  • Jack

    No, even if he were on the market No.

  • chris

    Vick cant play D!!

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  • George Overfield

    No way do the Bills want to see Michael Vick with the Bills. I saw an article from a guy who did research on Vick while in college and the pros. He found that Vick fumbles the ball too much and has a high percentage of fumbles compared to other NFL quarterbacks. He said the reason was because Vick’s hands are too small compared to other quarterbacks. How about that kid from West Virginia? (-:

  • Sean Doran

    Horrible idea, as the team needs the injection of an outstanding rookie QB to start building the team around. The Bills have spent more time worrying about our kickers than they have at QB. It’s high-time the Bills took the QB position seriously…

  • Yodwag

    Yr wrong Vick would fit right in w/a line 2 work with

  • Yodwag

    4get -u-& who cares about yr damn research,Vck is a good fit 4 the Orchard Park Lily’s meaning Bills

  • Yodwag

    a big fat YES,get him ..NOW

  • Yodwag

    no he can’t he’s a offensive player jack @**

  • Sue


  • Jack

    You are clearly missing the fact that he has 18 turnovers through 7 games. For some reason you want this QB?

    I think we’ve got a Jets homer here.

  • Stuart Seller

    Vick may or may not be the answer. and you all can quip either way. Fact remains (many facts)-Bills need a better QB. We can not stay with mediocrity. Also–we have talent. It is time to look at the coaches–when you have talent and they do not or can not perfom on a regular basis it is then time to look at management and coaches. Maybe mario’s money should have gone to a STAR coach.

  • Yodwag

    R-U missing the fact *( Arm Strength + accuracy )* not to mention mobility wake up

  • Yodwag

    u-r-clearly missing the fact Vick’s arm strength + accuracy & mobility,u-may be NOOB,and i’m no Jets fan yet i like all the teams. some more then others Mr. Orchard Park Lily’s fan

  • Yodwag

    YES,..YES,..YES.. or bring back Vince Young..wake up

  • Yodwag

    Know this guy smells the coffee..stay cool

  • Jack

    You clearly are a homer, just can’t figure out for who. Vick’s accuracy has been questioned for his entire career. If you think Vick is an accurate QB, you might have brain damage. His career completion percentage is LOWER than Fitzpatricks. You still think he’s a good QB?

  • Jack

    Of course the Bills need a new QB, but do you really think a guy with more turnovers and a lower completion % than Fitzpatrick is the answer?

  • Stuart Seller

    not saying Vick is the answer but Fitz and Chan need to retool and rethink. Chan great offensicve Coord but maybe not a great Head Coach

  • Yodwag

    Yr problem is-u-use the toilet paper up in one wipe,i suggest that-u-keep a supply of the 4 pack,there-u-go w/yr who ask -u. Vick is a much better q.b. then (fitzt’s-trick),will every be in a life-x-u-NOOB.

  • Yodwag

    once again give Vick a line to work with,wake up & smell the coffee-u-NOOB.

  • Jack

    English, do you speak it?

  • Yodwag

    yes i do ..U-r- a NOOB ,go fitz-trick,once again showing -y-the Bills sux,buddy nix’s and the complete coaching staff needs to go..oh i hope each ticket holder boycott the home game have the guts,and make a stand know…Orchard Park Lily’s..go away

  • Jack

    hey genius. Still think Vick would have been a good choice? Your ignorance is truly astounding.

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