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What a chump. (Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE)

Bills Cleared of Any Bounty-Reated Wrongdoing

We all know the beat-down the NFL gave the New Orleans Saints after the league found the team guilty of having a “bounty” system where players were paid extra for injuring opponents. Defense coordinatior/giant doofus Gregg Williams was the one in charge of the program, so the question had to be asked: did he have a program like that with his former NFL employers (including the Bills)?

After an investigation, the NFL stated today that the league has found no evidence that the Bills - or the Washington Redskins – had any sort of bounty program during Williams’ tenures with those teams. (Williams served as Bills head coach from 2001-2003, posting a crap-tacular record of 17-31.)

As I’ve said before, the Gregg Williams era might have been my least favorite time as a Bills fan. I never liked that guy. He just always came off as pompous and disingenuous. At least his nonsense won’t cost the Bills anymore than it already has.

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