Nov 22, 2009; Jacksonville , FL, USA; Buffalo Bills receiver Josh Reed (82) reacts on the sideline against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

Former Bills WR Josh Reed Trashes Buffalo and Bills Fans; In A Related Story, Josh Reed is a Dick

Bills fans should remember Josh Reed. He was one of Buffalo’s many, many disappointing high draft picks over the past decade or so. The Bills nabbed the wide receiver from LSU in the second round of the 2002 Draft, and he never quite lived up to expectations one might have for someone drafted that high. Now, he was certainly not an out-and-out disaster like James Hardy was, but Reed has to be classified as a disappointment. In eight seasons with the Bills he was hurt a lot and only caught 10 career touchdowns.

Well, it turns out he wasn’t thrilled with his time in the NFL either. And he puts a lot of the blame squarely on Bills fans and the city of Buffalo as a whole.

In an recent interview with Tiger Feed, Reed talks about his time in Buffalo, and…well, just read it:

“It might be different in other cities but you know, Buffalo is in Western New York. It, really as far as the layout, the landscape and the area was kind of like the South, in New York. It’s not anything like the city. It’s real laid back in the country, but the people are horrible. As far as getting in trouble in Buffalo or socially, there’s nothing to do. You go to practice and go home. In eight years we never made the playoffs and didn’t have much success, so the fans are brutal. They sit here and say they have the best fans and have the best food. No. Coming from Louisiana where you have great weather, you can go outside 90 percent of the time. The people here are just friendly; you don’t even have to know somebody. If you say,’Hello,’ they’re going to say, ‘Hello,’ back; they may even start up a conversation. Up there, you say, ‘Hello,’ they’re like, ‘What do you mean, hello?’ It’s just like if they’re so miserable up here, then move.”

Oh boy.

A lot to talk about there. Let’s take it bit by bit.

The people are horrible in New York? Oh please. If I have to hear one more thing about “Southern Hospitality” I might jump out a window. Yeah, people in the South are real friendly, as long as they aren’t trying to kill or rob you. Reed’s home “friendly” state of Louisiana has the highest murder rate in the country. Three times higher per capita than the “horrible” people of New York.

Moving on to Buffalo. Yes, it’s small by NFL standards. But “nothing to do?” Really? It’s still a city! 261,025 people live there! You can find something to do, I’m sure! (Former Bills Travis Henry sure did! Or maybe you could go the Marshawn Lynch route and go to Applebee’s or Dave & Buster’s!) And if not, maybe you could have been working out or studying your playbook or something. Because you were a pro football player. You had the whole offseason to go back to Louisiana or wherever you wanted to and party.

Crap, that pisses me off. You want nothing to do? I grew up in a town with 5,305 people in it. Now there’s a place with nothing to do.

And of course, there’s his comments about the fans. How dare they be upset that the team sucked for eight years! You know why the team sucked, Josh? Because they kept doing stupid things like drafting guys who sucked (like you) in the second round! Your best season was 588 yards and 2 touchdowns. From a second round pick!

You know why the fans at LSU were so friendly, Josh? Because you played for a team that won! You get to blow out Sisters of the Poor College, Western Wyoming Dental University, Vanderbilt, and all the other shitty teams LSU gets to play each season! If LSU went 2-10 every season, it would get real unfriendly real quick down in the Bayou.

I can’t comment on the food thing. I’ve never been to Louisiana. It’s certainly possible the food is amazing there. But I will not have you disparage Buffalo wings, Mr. Reed. That will not stand.

Anyway, to sum up…Josh Reed sucks. I actually gave him a nickname while he was playing for Buffalo: “Shitty” Josh Reed. Glad to see that name was warranted.

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