My Personal Message To The Buffalo Bills: Do Not Draft Luke Kuechly!!

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NOV 25, 2011; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Boston College Eagles linebacker Luke Kuechly (40) in a game against the Miami Hurricanes at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-US PRESSWIRE


Hello readers it’s the Buffalow Down staff writer who needs no introduction, you know who I am and what I do now let’s get down to business. With the NFL Draft being only days away I am starting to get nervous anytime a draft guru claims to have an inside insight as to who the Bills plan to select with their #10 pick. Nervous when the (mock) pick is a direction other than the one I feel the Bills need to go in, nervous because teams are somtimes influenced by this nonsense!! Since the off season began I haven’t been shy about voicing my opinion concerning this ball club and I have no intentions on getting shy now! I want to first cure all concerns of those jumping to conclusions that this is an attempt to bash Luke Kuechly in any way shape or form. That’s not the purpose of this article, I’ve seen him play and I honestly believe he’ll be a highly productive NFL linebacker! I just don’t need him to be that player for the Buffalo Bills is what I am saying.

Now some of you are probably thinking why wouldn’t you want a highly productive player on the roster? I would love to have a talented player become a member of this ball club but when looking at the positions that could most stand an upgrade MLB isn’t it. According to the coaching staff they’re very happy with the production of Kelvin Sheppard and feel he’s an anchor there in the middle of the defense. Now unless that report was inaccurate, or maybe since making it they’ve changed their minds, I don’t see a point in drafting another player who plays the exact same poistion as the young player you’re currently enamoured with! I mean when you say it out loud it doesn’t make very much sense does it people? Why would the Buffalo Bills possibly be considering making this selection is completely beyond me and I can only pray this info is totally false! By the way in case you’re wondering who put this in the air please allow me to shed light on that.

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network recently said in an interview  ( this is the move he feels the Bills should consider making with their 10th pick in this coming Thursday’s draft. I like Mike Mayock alot as a draft analyst and I have the utmost respect for his body of work doing what he does. But I must say that this would make about as much sense as wearing a wool sweater in mid July would!! Sorry Mike but I just can’t jump on board with this one and if it happend this way yes I would be very disappointed and I’m about to now address why. As of late I’ve been saying that suring up our offensive line should now be the top focus going into Thursday, and I still do feel that’s the way for them to go! But if it’s now understood that none of the OT’s that would be available are starting NFL LT caliber then by all means go in another direction just not Mike Mayock’s direction! If not an OT then Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd makes the most sense as his presence would make the Bills offense extremely scary for opposing defenses on Sunday afternoons.

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