Where in the world is Arthur Moats?

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Dec 5, 2010; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Buffalo Bills linebacker Arthur Moats (52) hits Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre (4) in the first quarter at the Metrodome. The play resulted in an interception. Favre left the game after that play. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

The 2010 season for the Bills was one of the worst I can remember.  From the viewpoint of memorable moments, it was known largely for the miscues and the “oh so close!” rather than the fondness of success.  The lasting memory of the ’10 campaign is undoubtedly a wide open Stevie Johnson sprinting toward the endzone with new starter Ryan Fitzpatrick’s spiral bouncing off his outstretched hands as 50,000 Bills fans smacked their palms against their foreheads in a collective groan as Buffalo missed a chance at a huge upset against the Steelers.

There was the stench of yet another dismal draft, another year where the Bills won just enough meaningless games toward the end of the year previously, playing themselves out of a prime pick and into the much debated CJ Spiller selection.  Underwhelming guys like Torrell Troup, Alex Carrington and the like were selected and it seemed like we wouldn’t even pull out an impact starter from that draft, to say nothing of anything resembling a Pro Bowler.

Buffalo DID have it’s share of memorable moments, perhaps none more than in Week 13 when facing the Minnesota Vikings.  For those of you who find Tebowmania to be an insufferable sideshow non-story, I must remind you that it was far worse when Brett Favre played.  I liked Favre a lot when he played with Green Bay, he was universally respected and endeared himself to fans from other teams.  That goodwill quickly eroded as Favre set out to make himself larger than his accomplishments as he refused to retire time and time again (I’m sorry for bringing all this back to your conscious, trust me!) and no amount of Tebow’s grinning religious superlatives, which I personally don’t mind; will ever approach Favre’s eye rolling weekly retirement flip flops which I found truly grating.  It was then that a 6th round afterthought brought us all blessed relief.

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