NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell: "We Are Not Considering Expansion"

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1) Thank goodness they’re (supposedly) not seriously considering expansion. 32 teams is perfect. 34 teams is a scheduling nightmare. There’s simply no fair way to put 34 teams into divisions. If you just add a team to two of the current divisions, that’s really unfair to the teams in those divisions (who would have to win a 5-team division to qualify for the playoffs as opposed to a 4-team division).

2) Even though it would make no sense whatsoever, don’t entirely rule out expansion either. Never underestimate how greedy these owners are. I bet if the owners felt like they could draw a $1 billion expansion fee from the owners of a new L.A. team, they’d take it in a heartbeat, even if it would totally screw up the league.

3) As much as I hate the idea of expansion, I hate the idea of the Bills leaving Western New York even more. And you can put exactly zero stock in Goddell’s “commitment” to keeping teams in their current cities. A team is going to L.A. once they have a stadium deal approved. Period. The silver lining to the terribleness of expansion would be that the Bills would no longer be a threat to move to L.A.

4) So with that being said, someone’s gotta move to L.A. Who’s it going to be? My money is still on either the Vikings or Rams, both of whom are dealing with stadium issues. I hate to say it, but I think the unlucky fanbase is going to be in Minnesota, where the team won’t stay without a  new stadium. And I can’t see any way the voters of that state agree to take on any stadium costs.

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