To NFL Great Andre Reed: Don't Be Dismayed By The Hall Of Frauds!!

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Jan 26, 1992; Minneapolis, MN, USA; FILE PHOTO; Buffalo Bills receiver


Let me begin by asking you the reader a question. Have you ever been sitting in your living room watching television and you see a critically acclaimed movie trailer during a commercial break? At some some point and time the narrator raves about the fact “this film is a must see” in an attempt to encourage us the viewers to go see the movie. Well if you can identify with this scenario then you should have no problem internalizing what your about to read (no pun intended) cause this was “a must write for a sports writter and who better than me to bring it to you! I don’t have to tell you all out there in Bills Nation how the “Hall Of Frauds” disrespected one of the NFL’s all time greats yet again! I don’t have to remind you the reader how great a player Andre Reed was not only for the Buffalo Bills but for the game of professional football as a whole! I don’t have to do these things people but I can and I will!

Let’s start with the disrespect aspect of all of this by saying anyone who doesn’t see this as disrespectful needs to have themselves admitted for psychiatric evaluation immediately. I mean think about it this is more disrespectful than when Lucy yanks the football from in front of Charlie Brown just as he attempts to kick it. The Hall Of Frauds version of course is constantly making Reed a finalist but never letting him in, this move makes absolutely no sense at all on behalf of those who grants and denies entry into what has now become a club that calls it anyway but straight. What excuse could the powers that be possibly give for overlooking one of the greatest NFL wide receivers to ever play the game? In fact Jerry Rice once dubbed Andre Reed as the best receiver in the game during one of Buffalo’s early Super Bowl seasons. How could a player that received that kind of praise from the best ever at his position be denied to take his place amongst pro football’s elite? Andre Reed should’ve been a first ballot Hall Of Famer period, no ifs, no ands, no buts he should already be in there!!

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