Comic: Five Bills’ Uniform Possibilities?

I’m very excited to announce that during the 2011 season BuffaLowDown will be running The Daydream Billiever, a Bills-themed comic by Dan Napolitano.

The Daydream Billiever is a daily comic strip following the misadventures of lowly but loyal Bills fans. The creative forces behind the strip actually attend games dressed in night-shirts and caps. Check out last season’s strip at and follow season 2 right here on at BuffaLowDown starting August 1st!

We’ll get to see Dan’s work on a regular basis starting in August, but fortunately Dan has given us a little preview of Daydream Billiever. Take a look as he lays out five “possibilities” for Buffalo’s new uniforms. Any of these would be awesome, I must say.  (The Bills will officially reveal the new uniforms tomorrow, June 24. We kinda already know what they’ll look like, but it will be fun to see them anyway.)