Roger Goodell Continues to Push for 18-Game Season

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No, Goodell. What you are hearing is that season ticket holders are tired of being forced to pay full price for preseason  games that are mandatory in any season ticket package. That’s it. The NFL schedule is PERFECT as is. No one wants a 18-game season. Most fans don’t. NO players do. The only people who really want it are you and the 32 owners, just so you can extort a few extra hundred million from the networks. Player health and safety? Say what now?

Most teams have 10-20 guys on injured reserve by the end of a 16-game season. Almost every other guy on the roster is banged up by the season finale. The Bills were forced to sign and play several street free agents just to finish last season. With two more games? Plus playoffs? It’s only going to be worse.

It’s simply an awful idea. In reality, 16 games might even be too many. But you can bet Goodell will continue to push for this 18-game season, perhaps even making a sticking point in the next round of CBA negotiations.

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