Here Today, Brohm Tomorrow?

Third-year Bills QB Brian Brohm has certainly been viewed with close scrutiny by new head coach Chan Gailey over the past few days of Rookie camp. With Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick both splitting time last year at the quarterback position – and a brand new coach known for developing talent at the position (both mediocre i.e. Kordell Stewart, and stellar i.e. John Elway – there is certainly a whiff of QB controversy on the horizon.

“I’ll try to keep my eye on the quarterbacks at all times,” the head coach said, “That’s one of the things that I think’s important that we make sure that we evaluate correctly.”

Since Brohm graduated from Louisville, his brief talent has been largely undetermined. He has appeared in only two games (both of which were for Buffalo) after being relegated to the Packers practice squad after loosing the back-up postion there to Matt Flynn before the start of the 2009 season.

I think most Bills fans could care less who’s throwing the ball at this point – we just want a man who can get the job done. As this blogger noted, it’s become increasingly clear that Trent Edwards is not that guy. Having passed, however, on talent like Tim Tebow and Jimmy Clausen in this year’s draft it seems clear that the Bills front office thinks they have the talent to win some games. I doubt it, but I’m willing to give Brohm a shot.

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  • John Polk

    It takes time for even the most talented quarterbacks to develop in this league. There have been a number of franchise QB’s whose start in this league was even less impressive than Brohm’s. What I see, and what I think Gailey sees is that Brohm has all the skills. A cursory look at his years at Louisville is proof enough of that. He needs opportunity in the right system, with a solid tight end, an outstanding RB, a couple of great wide receivers, and a top notch O-line, especially at LT. If Gailey can surround Brohm with talent at key positions, like Bobby Petrino did at Louisville, the Bills are going to win a lot of football games.

  • Dominick Desiderio

    Name a NFL quaterback that couldn’t succeed with this:

    “with a solid tight end, an outstanding RB, a couple of great wide receivers, and a top notch O-line, especially at LT”

    Not much insight – Although I don’t have any, other than to agree ” the team must think they have someone that can win a few games

  • Jan Williams

    couldnt agree more. Brett Favre got about the same start with Atlanta.